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Comment Re:Nonexistent UK car manufacturing? (Score 0) 196

owing to the serial incompetence of British managements

Not forgetting, of course, the wonderful job the British Trades Union movement did in making a success of car manufacturing in the UK.

Yes - the management were crap, but it seems that only by building new plants and making sure the workforce understood that striking every couple of months was counterproductive could Honda, Toyota, Nissan and to an extent Ford and GM make UK production competitive.

Comment Re:As Winston Churchill Said (Score 3, Insightful) 1276

Ah, but without the ideal of minimal government, there is no yardstick with which to measure how bad the excess of government is - realism tells us that a certain amount of government is a necessary evil, while socialism tries to convince us that too much government is good for us and that nanny knows best.

I prefer the honesty of the position that all government is bad, but that some is necessary to the arrogance of those who would govern my every move for my own good.

Comment Re:Today's dose of fearmongering... (Score 1) 609

If you believe that the CIA needed to "counter fiascos such as the Bay of Pigs" in 1953, then you must be even more retarded than the average Zionist stooge.

I think you'll find the Bay of Pigs was almost a decade later, but then that's history for you - always throwing goddamned timelines at your dumbass theories.

Comment Re:Today's dose of fearmongering... (Score 1) 609

Even in the most "liberal" cities Khameini won 2/3rds of the seats.

That's because none of the liberal candidates were standing in the elections - there was a straight choice between Khameni's ultra-conservatives, and Ahmedinejad's slightly less nutty brand of conservatism.

It's analogous to having the choice between David Duke or Rick Santorum in the US, or Kach vs Likud in Israel.

Anyway - it's Purim in a couple of days, so I'd expect some sort of evil to flourish once more.

Comment Re:Uh. No. (Score 1) 305

I may be biased here - I first came across operator overloading a good decade and a half ago, when C++ was used in the first iterations of object-oriented databases.

It was a proper mess back then, and I fear it still is - if I want the sort of behaviour you wish to enforce, then Scala would be my language of choice - I still view C++ as C with object wrappings, templates and lots of stuff that gets in the way of efficient code.


QuickTime Creator Brings Flash and Office To the iPad, By Subscription 118

New submitter adycarter writes "Steve Perlman, the man responsilbe for QuickTime and WebTV, has recently launched OnLive Desktop which now offers a 'plus' service enabling iPad users to use Flash, Microsoft Office and the ability to use a Gigabit-speed version of Internet Explorer. The service runs on the same basic technology as their game streaming service in that you're using your iPad as client to access a machine located in the cloud."

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