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Comment No, it is not best. (Score 1) 81

The best way to teach or to learn depends entirely on the individual. This is the second article I have seen on this attempting to figure out the "best" way to teach, yet they never bring up having a variety of learning environments. By having a variety of learning environments, the professors can teach using the method that suits them best, and the students can choose the learning style that suits them best. By attempting to find the best way to teach they also help to undermine the individuals that do not learn as well using those methods.

Comment Re:Thanks Canada (Score 3, Informative) 84

I do hope you have read the CRTC's statutes and Regulations acts before you did this. The thing that makes it illegal for FOX news to broadcast in Canada is the fact that it has been proven in court that they willfully lied on the news. This is illegal because it is illegal for news broadcasters to broadcast false or misleading news in Canada.

Comment Re:Thanks Canada (Score 2, Interesting) 84

Actually, having U.S. satellite dishes in Canada was made illegal (what was it? 10 years ago? I can't remember) because U.S. broadcasting corporations were accusing Canadians of stealing content. In order to comply with their complaints, and to make sure that U.S. corporations that sell these services in Canada follow Canadian law, they made it illegal.

I actually agree with this decision as it takes FOX news out of Canada for being a "news channel" but lying during the news.

Comment Re:Sometime the old ways (Score 1) 330

I do not believe it would. Part of education today is learning how to use resources like the internet, and sometimes databases specific to the material you are learning. Granted, this is normally simple for people that are tech-savvy, however, there are people that need to learn how to take proper advantage of resources like the internet, otherwise they will stay close-minded and not use it at all, reducing their efficiency and knowledge.

At least, that is how I see it.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Dragons Dogma: The New Details On The Story & (

EliMysterio writes: "Yesterday Capcom teased a reveal for 'Dragons Dogma'. Today they dropped the full story trailer and confirmed the games official release date. 'Dragons Dogma' is an action filled fantasy game. One of the games coolest features is its 'Pawn System'. The 'Pawn System' also creates a unique version of multiplayer, to find out more about 'Dragons Dogma’s' 'Pawn System' check out the links to the right. You can see the full story trailer and get a few more details from the press release below."

Submission + - Unicode 6.1 released (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest version of the Unicode standard (v. 6.1.0) was officially released January 31. The latest version includes 732 new characters, inluding seven brand new scripts. It also adds support for distinguishing emoji-style and text-style symbols and emoticons with variation selectors, updates to the line-breaking algorithm to more accurately reflect Japanese and Hebrew texts, and updates other algorithms and technical notes to reflect new characters and newly documented text behaviors.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Amazon profit drops (

larry bagina writes: The Kindle Fire was supposed to be an iPad killer. Turns out, all it killed was Amazon's bottom line. Apple sold 15.4 million iPads last quarter, Amazon sold ... well, they won't say how many they sold, but it's up 177% over some other number that they won't disclose. Estimates are 6 million Kindle Fires at a $10-$20 loss per tablet, though those numbers alone wouldn't account for the $239 million drop in profit from last year — and that's ignoring the 35% in sales.

Submission + - Scientiifc study details should not published per

Morty writes: The NSABB (National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity) has recommended that details of two research papers involving Avian Flu not be published because of security concerns. At least one of the research groups says that their work should be logically reproducible. The NSABB's censorship recommendations do not (currently) have the force of law, but Science and Nature voluntarily delayed publication.

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