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Submission + - Best software for putting lectures online? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I'm trying to help a school put their classes online in the most minimally invasive way as possible to the teachers. A few environmental considerations:
They don't always have live internet in the classroom, or I'd just run to Skype.
I'm hoping to make it as much one touch start/stop as possible to start recording, stop recording, and upload to a server. I'd like to believe others here have already done something similar, so if a package or process worked for you that would be great to hear.
Not sure what if it's all ppt lectures or if they actually use a whiteboard, and if so what the best camera would be to use (on a school budget!)..

Submission + - Copyright Claim Setbacks Cognitive Impairment Dete (

Kilrah_il writes: A recent New England Journal of Medicine editorial talks about the mini-mental state examination — a standardized screening test for cognitive impairment. After years of being widely used, the original authors claim to own copyright on the test and "a licensed version of the MMSE can now be purchased [...] for $1.23 per test. The MMSE form is gradually disappearing from textbooks, Web sites, and clinical tool kits." The article goes on to describe the working of copyright law and various alternative licenses, including GNU Free Documentation License and ends with the following suggestion: "We suggest that authors of widely used clinical tools provide explicit permissive licensing, ideally with a form of copyleft. Any new tool developed with public funds should be required to use a copyleft or similar license to guarantee the freedom to distribute and improve it, similar to the requirement for open-access publication of research funded by the National Institutes of Health."

Comment Re:Two messages being sent by GoDaddy desertions (Score 1) 197

Easy on the "no longer" and throwing the towel because of one proposed law. how old are you ? every generations thinks that governments are getting worse and more corrupted. it's the opposite, especially with the ever growing flow of information. What's going on here is debates between different interests; it doesn't mean that there shouldn't ever be proposed any laws proposed that you don't like: they can be proposed AND debated, and potentially rejected. Right now SOPA is still at the debating stage. The system works. also, I don`t understand what your point #2 has to do with the GoDaddy situation. SOPA is is not a proposal by politicians , and GoDaddy wasn't forced to support it.

Comment Re:M$ will kill RIM (Score 1) 114

they would probably buy it in a partneship with nokia, so as to not piss off the other Windows Phone 7 OEMs. the blackberries would probably continue, under WP8 personally I think the BES stuff is obsolete now with the data plans we have, html mails, higher resolution screens, etc. the devices can connect directly to exchange without going through BES. so all the is valuable here is the brand and the design of the phone hardware.

Comment Re:RIM is probably on the way out. (Score 1) 114

IMHO it doesn't matter if he thought 4 or 5 years ago that the iphone would have no impact in the business space. there *nothing* that I can see that he could have done to stop it. their product is about selling BIS, phones locked down by admin, email machines. if they would have given that up the moment the iphone came in, there would be nowhere today, because they are not apple. It would have not have made their corporate clients' users like their phone better than the Jesus Phone. They are not apple, nobody else is.

Comment Re:RIM is probably on the way out. (Score 1) 114

it's true that they make devices for sys admins at businesses. however, around here (subway, streets, restaurents) all the blackberries I see are in the hands of young women who are using it for texting. At work, everyone seems to have iphones now. maybe a regional thing. but there sure are a lot of pink blackberries out there :)

Comment Re:MS-PL (Score 1) 808

That's an interesting question. It's being listed because what he study say is that there are more and more new open source projects, and these new projects are using these licenses. Microsoft is publishing a lot of new open source projects and so are users on CodePlex and that is reflected in the study. It doesn't have to be used by many other parties, it's an open source license with the critical mass of projects to be worth mention.

Comment Re:I just read TFA (Score 1) 98

The trial is about the removal of the namespace extension. What else do you think it is about? The juries in the trial are generally confused about what the trial is about and try to make a point the way you are doing here instead of looking at the facts. Microsoft ALREADY had a separate trial for monopoly and undocumented Apis. This isn't that trial. Novel needs to show damage

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