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Comment Re:Live by the porn... (Score 1) 339

Let's just forget about porn. Because this case is not about watching porn, it is about file sharing. Point 3 is on topic, the rest isn't.
AFAIK, the story doesn't even tell if the guy actually watched the porn he bought. He probably did but this part is 100% legal, private and irrelevant.

And by the way, the shared movies are gay porn : there is no women debasing there ;)

Comment Re:Too much sacrifice for openness (Score 1) 359

I have this problem with cyanogenmod 7.2 (latest stable) and I think if the CM team could have fixed it, they would.
The problem is probably at a lower level than the OS, out of the scope of Google and Android. Maybe it is a bug in the radio ROM (the equivalent of the BIOS/EFI of PCs and under control of the hardware manufacturer) or the hardware itself.

Comment An IDE won't make a lot of difference. (Score 1) 586

I code mostly in C and C++ but I sometimes use other languages too. I worked in many environments, with or without IDEs and I am surprised how little difference it made in actual productivity.
Features such as auto-completion, fast documentation and definition lookup, integrated debugger, compile error highlighting, etc... are all useful and I use them extensively when I am on an IDE. But even with perfect tools, I can't code faster than I can think, so as long as I am familiar with my environment and it is not completely broken, the gain is minimal.

Comment Second part of the question. (Score 1) 446

The way I understand this question is :
When we attack suspected terrorists, do you prefer when we use drones compared to other means ?
A pacifist could still answer "yes", reasoning that "if we have to attack people, at least do it in a way that doesn't endanger our own troops".

It is not the same thing as "Do you support more attacks on suspected terrorists using drones ?" as implied in the summary.

Comment Re:Social Media? (Score 4, Interesting) 572

In fact the japanese have a strong sense of insider/outsider. It can be at a small scale (such as a school club) or large scale (such as all japanese people).
Outsiders are usually treated with respect, in a way that show the best side of the group, often tolerating behavior that whould be unacceptable for insiders. However, if you try getting too close they will remind you that you are not one of them.

Comment Re:lol ... only in America ... (Score 1) 540

Aren't they what they call "schlüsselkinder" ?
Kids that carry with the keys to the house so they can go home when they parents aren't there.
IMHO it isn't something to be proud of.
To be truly independant, experience is required, something that kids don't have. By letting kids do as they please, they will find someone else to fill their parents' role a model. It can be your friendly neighbor's kid but it can also be the local drug dealer, with a higher chance of being the drug dealer because he will have plenty of cool stuff that the other don't have.

Well if there are only helpful people and no drug dealers, kids like this will probably grow up to become respectable people. It is probably the case where the pictures were taken but not every place is like this.

Comment Re:Not really a news story (Score 1) 334

Where I live, non-compete agreement are valid only if there is some kind of compensation.
Because this compensation is there to make up for the potential loss of not being able to work for competitors, it can be quite high. Like getting full pay for several years after termination of contract.
Of course, this is rarely mentionned except for the most sensitive jobs. Meaning that non-compete clauses are usually (but not always) meaningless.

Comment The correct password wasn't 123456 ! (Score 1) 184

Here is what most probably happened (investigation is underway, so we can't be sure) :
In fact the guy entered a wrong password and wasn't given access to anything.
However his action triggered an intrusion alert and as a result the system was shut down for two days as a safety measure. Time to understand what happened.

Moreover, only an outsourced call center was shut down.

Source (in French) : http://www.pcinpact.com/news/73975-non-systeme-informatique-banque-france-na-pas-ete-pirate.htm

Comment Re:FLAC (Score 1) 361

Properly mastered CDs are "perfect". Unlike vinyls, they exceed the capabilities of human hearing in both frequency and dynamic range (http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html).
Of course, FLAC, being a lossless format, is just as good. And I also bet that very few people, if any, can distinguish between a properly encoded >192kbps MP3 and the original recording.
So unless you are a dog, there is no problem with what we have now.

Note : Studios tend to use higher than CD quality material but it is primarily to make editing more convenient.
Note 2 : Properly is the key word here. Loudness war CDs are highly distorted and some encoders are so bad it is possible to identify them just by listening to the result.

Comment Re:Criminally Insane (Score 1) 135

TFA part 2 : http://www.codeofhonor.com/blog/avoiding-game-crashes-related-to-linked-lists

The author suggests to ditch the STL in favor of "intrusive lists". In intrusive lists the links are part of the data structure. It breaks the data/container separation but provides many benefits in term of performance and reliability.

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