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Comment Re:Gotta search 'em all! (Score 1) 218

Terrorists, by definition, want to terrorize people, not necessarily a high body count.
Bombing a crowded mall will kill a lot of people but it will result in more anger and sadness than terror.
Effective terrorism is much more subtle. Killings are kept to a minimum : enough to prove one's point but not so much as to turn fear into anger and sadness. Anthrax letters are a good example : only 5 people died, 17 others infected, yet it had massive repercussions.
As for 9/11, I consider it more like a declaration of war than a pure terrorist act.

Comment Re:At what speed? (Score 1) 722

I think it is better to consider these robo-cars as a train. And like modern trains, cars will synchronize acceleration and breaking.
Driving bumper to bumper can actually be safer than leaving space between the cars. For example, if your car fails to break for any reason, you won't have time to build relative speed between your car and the car in front of you and the impact will be greatly reduced. This train-like behavior can be improved using special bumpers.
Of course, if something like a large rock suddenly falls on the road, the result may be catastrophic but trains are not immune to this kind of problem and are still the safest kind of transportation.

Comment Re:RIP Google, 2014? (Score 1) 185

I stay with AdblockPlus, thank you. I consider these forks stupid :
- Relying on a comparatively obscure fork is less user friendly than unticking a box
- With the proper settings ABP and ABE do *exactly* the same thing. I checked the code just to be sure. No hidden backdoor or anything.
- Three forks just to disable a fucking checkbox, that's ridiculous. You want an "enhanced" ABP, no problem, but get together instead of making things even more confusing for users.
- Chances are that bugs will be fixed on ABP first. After all, there is someone getting paid for this... ABE users will have to wait until the fix is backported.

Comment Re:Improve security?? (Score 1) 362

Ok, good luck making a two minute video allows your average non-geek to take an good decision instead of just FUD.
These things are complicated. Computers are my job and it usually takes me much more than 2 minutes to understand how $technology is flawed and how to make a better decision than the usual lock out.

Comment Re:There should be a mandatory one second delay. (Score 1) 327

Here is a thought experiment. The market is closed for a week. No trades of any kind permitted. Nobody can even talk about trades by law for a week. Why should that stop the assembly line? They know their jobs. The orders are there, the delivery trucks are running, there is profit to be made.

You need gas to run your assembly line but you only have 1 day reserve. Because it's no trade week, you can't buy gas, production stops.
Ok, let's say that physical goods are excluded from the trading ban so adjust the situation a bit : you need to buy gas but you have no money. You have no money because you are currently building stuff for a big client and he'll pay you on delivery, so that's just a temporary situation. With a well functioning market you borrow money, pay for the gas, finish your job, get payed and pay back your debt. A trading ban would mean no borrowing money, no gas, and no production for the duration of the ban. And if some other industry depend on your production, they are screwed too.

Comment Multi-paradigm (Score 1) 479

Is supporting multiple conflicting paradigms really a bad thing ?
It reminds me of discussion about programming languages. For example, C++ supports both procedural and object-oriented programming and is often regarded as ugly but not as much as perl which supports even more conflicting paradigms. Yet both languages are very good at getting things done.

Comment Quake III Arena (Score 1) 410

Quake III Areana was clearly a 'killer' game. One of the best FPS of all times, still being played today, 14 years later.
It was realeased for windows and linux almost simultaneously, and it changed almost nothing about the status of linux for gaming.
Ok, it wasn't a linux exclusive but it actually ran slightly better on linux.

Comment Re:Let's hope this security hole is not fixed. (Score 1) 247

If someone can leak how the NSA conduct surveillance, maybe it also means that the surveillance data can be leaked too.
This time, it is just a whistle-blower but next time, it may be someone with different motivations, like selling data to identity thieves or whatever criminal organization. In fact it probably already happened. And note that beside "illegal" surveillance data, there are plenty of legal data you probably don't want to be leaked (such as criminal or tax records).

So yes, the hole definitely have to be fixed.

Comment Re:Actually, Flaring is really the hardest part (Score 1) 249

To learn flaring on small aircraft, you need to practice with an instructor in a real plane. There is a lot of feeling involved that most simulators can't replicate.
Filght simulators are good when it doesn't involve sensations, such as learning how to operate the instruments, or when things are too dangerous to do for real.

Comment Image rights (Score 1) 528

Don't you have some law in the USA where people can restrict the diffusion of pictures where they appear, porn or not.
In France we have "droit à l'image". It is a form of copyright that protects the subject of a picture.

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