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Comment Re:x265, x264, Xvid, DivX, DIVX (Score 1) 104

In fact there are 3 divx :
- "DIVX" : the time-limited DVD alternative that never took of, not a video codec.
- "DivX ;-)" : a hacked version of Microsoft's MPEG4-ASP codec that works with AVIs
- "DivX" : a completely rewritten and proprietary MPEG4-ASP codec that is compatible with "DivX ;-)", with many improvements
- "XviD" : an opensource alternative to "DivX", also written from scratch

Comment Incompetence ? (Score 1) 165

Three possibilities :
1 - It's a lie
2 - It's true because they have a super-secure system in place
3 - It's true because they are incompetent (I'm talking about their administration, not their researchers)

Considering the recent turn of events, I'd go with #3.
What Snowden discovered didn't surprise me. Spying is part of the job after all. But the other part is keeping it secret, and they failed miserably.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 445

the number of charge cycles before you throw away the batteries or the whole unit is small.

If you are using NiMH, it is suggested that you switch to NiCd if you can still find them. This is an older technologiy and they are generally worse than NiMH but for this specific case, they are often better due to their robustness. And if you are buying NiMH, avoid the highest capacities as they use thinner parts (to maximise electrolyte volume) and are often less robust.

Comment Re:Safeguards to protect privacy (Score 1) 133

Behind the satire you actually rise an interesting point, that's why.

I think the point is best illustrated with this riddle (70 picarats) :
100 married couples live on a remote island. There is a law on the island that states that if a man finds out that his wife is unfaithful, he must kill her that night and leave her body at the center of the island for everyone else to see.
It turns out that all one hundred wives are cheating on their husbands. No husband knows that his own wife is unfaithful, but every husband knows that every OTHER wife is a cheater. The fact that each husband knows about every wife except his own is common knowledge to everyone.
One day, an oracle arrives on the island and announced to everyone: "At least one of the woman on the island is a cheater." Everyone knows that the oracle only speaks the truth.
Assuming every man on the island is, and is known to be, a perfect logician, what happens next?

Comment Re:Cherry MX Brown (Score 1) 177

I think that mechanical keyboards may be more responsive for another reason.
Membrane/rubber dome/chiclet keys have to be bottomed out to register a keypress, whereas mechanicals usually register earlier. Or it may have to do with debouncing.
AFAIK, membrane keyboards use simple contact and not capacitance. And people don't seem to complain about latency on Topre keyboards, which use actual capacitive switches.

Comment Re:Galaxy needs a redesign (Score 1) 221

I agree with you on the physical buttons (galaxy note 2). I turned on/off my phone unexpectedly way too often, sometimes even rebooting it mid-call.

However, I like the plastic case. There is nothing wrong with plastic, it is light and strong. And I won't trade that user replaceable samsung back cover with anything these new aluminium phones have.
Want your S3 thicker with a better battery : just get an extended battery kit and clip it in. Something you can't do with iPhones and HTC Ones.

Comment Is this a problem ? (Score 1) 451

1 - It is natural for a government agency to watch where criminal activity may happen. And anonymized networks are more likely to contain criminal information.
2 - They are only watching, they can't arrest you or issue search warrents for just using TOR.
3 - If you don't expect to be watched, why are you using anonymizers ? The whole point of anonymizers is to preserve your anonymity even if you are watched. So if the NSA manages to identify you, blame yourself and whatever service you are using, not the NSA.

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