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Comment Why is everyone bashing Windows 8 GUI ? (Score 1) 610

I don't find it that bad. In fact, one you switch to desktop mode it is basically like any other windows version. And I actually like the new "start menu".
And one of the think I really like is that they push something that actually new to the public and not a ripoff of Apple's stuff. And I sincerely think that they are holding something good here.
Like everything new, it is perfectible. And I think that Microsoft (and their competitors too) will closely monitor how users will react once they get familiar with the UI so that can move in the right direction.

As for the "gorilla arm" syndrome I think it is obivous for everyone at Microsoft that people wont spend 8 hours a day tapping their laptop screen without interruption. The touchscreen is just another input device, like the keyboard and the mouse. Users and UI designers will learn about whatever device is the best for a given task. Afterall people have no problem using both keyboard and mouse.

And in case you ask : No, I am no Microsoft shill, I mostly use linux, windows 7 and android. I just decided to try windows 8 a bit and it didn't turn as bad as people make it.

Comment Re:Not *that* ecstatic (Score 1) 247

In france, top rate income tax is 41%, and it applies only to the richest. There is also "Impôt de solidarité sur la fortune", another tax that only targets millionaires.

Scientists are usually payed decently but not enough to get taxed much higher than 13%, especially if they have kids. If they leave France for financial reasons, most of the time, it is simply to get a better pay.

Comment Re:lack of proper triple buffering (Score 1) 230

From John Carmack's twitter : "Triple buffering adds latency and jitter; it should be avoided. The Answer is non-isochronous display updates."

What Carmack uses in RAGE is : sync at 60Hz but allow tearing if the game cannot keep up. This is relatively new in the PC world and drivers have to support it.

Comment Turing broke the rules (Score 3, Insightful) 231

Turing doesn't deserve pardon.
He knew the rules, he broke them anyways, he got what he deserved.
Homosexuality at the time was a major social taboo and a criminal offense. The fact that it shouldn't have been the case is not the question. And of course, pardoning him and him alone would mean that the law doesn't apply to great scientists, a terrible message IMHO.

It is the shame that Turing had to die for this reason but wherever we do, it won't change the past.

Comment Re:That is why I supported fully static builds (Score 1) 332

The thing is : linux dependency management is designed for FOSS.
For example, if a program uses a deprecated function, it may stop working after the library is updated. With access to the source code, independent developers can fix these problems relatively easily.
It is much more complicated for closed source software where the original developers have to cope with numerous environments and updates.

Comment Re:Live by the porn... (Score 1) 339

Let's just forget about porn. Because this case is not about watching porn, it is about file sharing. Point 3 is on topic, the rest isn't.
AFAIK, the story doesn't even tell if the guy actually watched the porn he bought. He probably did but this part is 100% legal, private and irrelevant.

And by the way, the shared movies are gay porn : there is no women debasing there ;)

Comment Re:Too much sacrifice for openness (Score 1) 359

I have this problem with cyanogenmod 7.2 (latest stable) and I think if the CM team could have fixed it, they would.
The problem is probably at a lower level than the OS, out of the scope of Google and Android. Maybe it is a bug in the radio ROM (the equivalent of the BIOS/EFI of PCs and under control of the hardware manufacturer) or the hardware itself.

Comment An IDE won't make a lot of difference. (Score 1) 586

I code mostly in C and C++ but I sometimes use other languages too. I worked in many environments, with or without IDEs and I am surprised how little difference it made in actual productivity.
Features such as auto-completion, fast documentation and definition lookup, integrated debugger, compile error highlighting, etc... are all useful and I use them extensively when I am on an IDE. But even with perfect tools, I can't code faster than I can think, so as long as I am familiar with my environment and it is not completely broken, the gain is minimal.

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