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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 497

People do in fact grow food without the use of any sort of pesticides, but typically only on very small scales for obvious reasons. You're right that organic definitely does not mean free of pesticides, but there are different standards and certifications for it too. I've been meaning to look into the differences in these certifications, but I haven't managed to get around to it yet. This is an area where we definitely need to raise the bar so we can figure out what really matters.

Comment Re:Common sense (Score 1) 505

I seriously doubt anyone thinks it will be better in every way. I don't like the idea that most Americans are afraid to go to the doctor because of money. What if they had some seriously dangerous contagious infection, etc? Not taking care of all people in our borders on a basic level is a serious threat to public health.

Comment Re:Stealth (Score 1) 402

It's not just the mufflers either. The engine compartment itself on pretty much any vehicle made in the past decade tends to be pretty well insulated. Many times people have been standing right next to my car (which isn't even new) in a quiet area and didn't realize it was running. Your best bet for hearing any vehicle in recent years is the road noise from the tires. If they're going too slow for that, then your eyes (or those of your guide dog/etc) should be more than sufficient!

Comment Re:The members of the press should resign (Score 1) 186

For me it's not about fear, it's about identifying real issues and actually doing something about them instead of playing the blame game and demonizing stuff, etc. We're supposed to be the best, not just getting by! We can do so much better if we just stop all the pretending that we've got things figured out. If we did, we would at the very least have some clear solutions to many of the problems and be working towards them. I just want a nation I can be proud of. Right now this is a nation where ignorance and fear are running rampant and it's significantly hindering our progress.

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