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Comment Become IBM (Score 1) 331

Who's employee build image is so laden with agents and management software it renders the notion of having a functioning laptop obsolete. In fact if they hadn't made their workforce work from home they'd probably have built a Citrix XEN environment and handed out slim clients. Who knows, they probably will and drive 'productivity' all the way to zero.

Comment Re: Uber is quite retarded (Score 1) 341

You are right. But then without tax and revenue from licensing how will the government function?

No income tax there? No VAT or sales tax? No vehicle licensing fees? No drivers' license fees? No fuel taxes? These bogus "licenses" are just the way "progressive" governments enact regressive taxes to keep the rabble from starting their own businesses and possibly challenging the elite.

Comment Re:Uber is quite retarded (Score 1) 341

Trying to make a law suit against current valid law is just idiotic. Try to change the law instead, well if you can.

This is not a rule to follow in a democratic form of government. If it were, then we'd have to have left the Jim Crow laws in place because, after all, they were "valid". Perhaps the government has no right to tell people what, or who, they are allowed to carry in their vehicles.

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