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Comment Sounds like they're positioning about Google (Score 1) 181

Google is the infamous search giant:
1) to which Microsoft now presents some competition, in the search engine industry, with Bing
2) already competing with Microsoft, in mobile operating systems industry
3) rumored to have lots of user data, as in some relation to Google AdSense(tm) technology.
4) which allows users to voluntarily opt in to browser history tracking, with such as Google Web History and the Google toolbar - and to my understanding, that feature is not enabled by default, the user actually has to opt into it, just as I've had to, for so much as search history tracking.
5) all of the above

It sounds to me like Microsoft may be suggesting some doubt towards companies collecting data about user browsing habits. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised, then, if Google may be the main FUD target they could have in mind, at that. Fortunately, though, no one company owns the discussion.

Comment Is that anything like the the apples of oranges? (Score 1) 655

"The mathematics of obesity" doesn't parse, unless we're talking about statistical analysis.

Mathematics is a matter of number systems and mathematical operations. Obeisity is a matter of anatomy - and I doubt there's any one special cause to it. If we would be concerned, rather, about how to address it as individual persons responsible for our own health - it being rather a personal matter - then I doubt that the discussion would continue to be relevant in the technical Slashdot forum. Dr. Phil is there for baggage, health scientists for dietary concerns, fitness instructors for recreational exercise, and one's own coworkers, family, and community are there for ... whatever they're there for, maybe for community.

Me, I'm not one to try to judge my family, friends, and neighbors in terms of statistics. DNRTA.

Comment "Scientific truth" vs "Popular perception", Etc. (Score 3, Insightful) 62

There is a huge difference between scientific truth and, alternately, popular perception. I don't even want to try to explain that, it's so obvious - and there may some be more pertinent matters to address, in this.

I think we can accept that comments sections do not make much of a forum for development of scientific anything. Comments are comments. Comments are not journal articles. Comments can be said to be peer reviewed, to some extent, but then again, comments are not journal articles, comments need not follow any specific format for reporting of questions and results, comments are just comments.

I'm afraid that that all may be beside any points raised in the linked article, however. What the article looks like to me, in all my sense of bias: It looks like a way of trying to excuse a lack of significant content in articles, in lieu of some kind of perceptual bias about comments. It think it's just as well for the birds, though I know it's been said, "It's the thought that counts."

Comment Nice proof of concept (Score 1) 110

I guess that a proof-of-concept boat might seem - at some levels - as though it was about as silly looking, in comparison to conventional boats, as silly looking as most concept cars, in comparison to the common consumer models.

I think I understand, just from the summary, that it demonstrates the viability of solar power, in ocean vessels. Were I a boat designer aware of the matter, I might endeavor to give it some thought.

Comment Re:From an Aussie to all Americans (Score 1) 127

It's hard to overturn the massive bulk of legal precedents supporting the recording industry's claims to intellectual property - and not much easier, out here, to gain popular attention about anything not accompanied by a sensational presentation - regardless of the actual content of an argument, quite frankly.

To respond to the second matter: Myself, I don't suppose we'll see any coups at any time soon. Plenty of gun sales, I know, but no coups I think - quite.

Comment Protecting their assets (Score 1) 127

Though I don't feel any particular warm fuzzies about it, I understand that the recording industry is simply endeavoring to protect its collective assets, in so far as legal precedent may define its collective assets to be.

I'm sure that there may also be a certain side to it, in which they're simply endeavoring to impress shareholders. The main issue seems to be the matter of legal precedent, however.

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