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Comment Begone (Score 1) 1003

The reason to kill off cell phones while driving has nothing to do with this event. For some reason it grabbed screen time and the attentions of many people. However, the reason for banning phones has more to do with the fact that every time I go driving the driver of pretty much every other car I drive by is chatting on their phone. Studies have proven that when we multitask our IQ for each task drops significantly. Hell even the myth busters showed how much this can affect your driving and they didn't even have to do that much testing to show that talking on the phone was a problem. Compile a decade of reports from wrecks and I'm sure the point is obvious. I heard people constantly saying "oh but it will be so hard to enforce." This is simply lies. If its illegal to be on your phone at all while driving then any cop who sees a phone in a drivers hands has cause to immediately ticket the driver. Just as if they drive by me and they notice my seat belt is off. Fact is, this law would save lives at the cost of a slight convenience the human race didn't even have over 20 years ago. We made due then, and we can make due now.

Comment Re:It was part of his job (Score 1) 267

My thoughts on the whole 2.50 thing. Are they really 2.50 a person without him involved? Once they take his account and he no longer posts to it then the followers will flee. They are interested in him not the account. It is an inflated price and if they win the lawsuit (they probably will) then this supposed value will go downhill completely. In the end its just another instance of the sue happy world we live in. This will do nothing for the company other than potentially provide a couple hundred grand in an initial settlement.

Comment Re:Different thing (Score 5, Informative) 776

Warming is bad because it will make the earths inhabitable area diminish. This significantly changes the available land mass that humans, and other animals, can effectively colonize and live fruitful childbearing lives. Also, warmer temperatures will create more hostile weather patters further limiting usable land area as certain weather patterns hit certain regions harder. (ie. hurricanes on the east coast). Lastly, increasing temperatures melt polar ice and raise sea levels. Further limiting usable land mass. You try to act like its all about temperature, but clearly you don't really understand the full breadth of the idea. How about this fun fact. Hotter summers make for colder winters. How long before we trigger another ice age. Perhaps you should look up positive feedback loops.

Submission + - The 147 Corporations that Rule Most of the Global ( 1

rubycodez writes: Researchers at the Swiss Federal Technology Institute in Zurich have identified a "Capitalist Network" of well-connected companies that control most of the global economy. They further identified the 147 (one percent) "super-connected" companies that control forty percent or more of the global financial network. If one believes the mega-corporations have most governments of the west in their pockets, does this mean we have a global oligarchy?

Submission + - Public supports geo-engineering (

Bob the Super Hamste writes: "The BBC is reporting that there is strong among the public in the US, UK, and Canada for research into geo-engineering with approximately 72% respondents supporting the research. The survey was focused on solar radiation management. The article also mentions the UK Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) project which would inject water particles into the upper atmosphere as a prelude to spraying cooling sulphate. Researchers for the SPICE project calculate that 10-20 balloons could cool the global climate by 2C. Also mentioned in the article is the voluntary moratorium on the procedure by the international Convention on Biological Diversity"

Submission + - Android Marketplace blocked by China (

pabloortiz75 writes: "China appears to have tightened up its Great Firewall, interfering with Google services in what appears to be a reprisal against the Chocolate Factory playing politics.

Access to the Android Marketplace has been blocked entirely from within China as The Next Web reports, but locals are also complaining that Android handsets are having a hard time getting onto the Gmail service. The Gmail block isn't being applied to IMAP connections, which means iPhones and similar are working well, lending weight to the idea that this is a political, rather than a security, issue."

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