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Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 330

You snark, but there is a lot of good reasons to support toll roads (tiered pricing). Toll roads actually reduce congestion by getting people who value time more than money to pay up, which frees up the city road for everyone else. Price discrimination may suck for ISPs but it's known to be effective, albeit unpopular, on highways.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Informative) 330

That would mess a lot of things up. Contrary to popular belief most civil engineers aren't dumb, they've done fluid modeling and simulations (you know, science) to determine how long each light needs to be red and at what intervals. If you accelerate one part of the system you might disrupt the flow of traffic miles down the road. In my area some traffic lights are disabled past 7pm to improve traffic flow at non peak hours because the lighter traffic past 7 allows some optimizations.

Comment Re:Comes with large donation of Windows computers (Score 1) 168

If you think MS is in any danger, you haven't seen the backlog of expensive (thousands of $$$ is volume licensing), unmaintainable (no source code or documentation) and mission critical (only way to run a piece of equipment / interface with a system) applications that require a version of Windows to run. That alone will keep them going into the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:And it's only going to get worse. (Score 1) 316

Fortunately one of the entities I work for forces all employees to be vaccinated (it's free), so I am covered. I also get free mandatory TB testing which is peace of mind. Personally I think more employers should mandate (but provide for free) flu vaccines every season. Would greatly improve productivity and popular health.

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