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Comment Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

but now that he's gone people are actually comparing him to Edison or Tesla in their grief. It's embarrassing to those of us with a brain.

Why? Pure technology is never everything. Making good user interfaces and good usability takes intelligence and knowledge. This is the same kind of elitist "what I do is much more harder and requires more intelligence than what others do" bullshit. It's on the edge of narcissism.

Your product or technology might be hundreds of times better than the competitors, but it still needs to have good usability and all the other things. This is the same thing about marketing - even if your product is in every way superior to others, it doesn't help if no one knows about it.

These are the two things geeks seem to ignore and just act like they're better than anyone else.

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 0, Flamebait) 1452

I didn't know Steve Jobs was Buddhist. That seriously improves his image a lot, as Buddhism is the only religion that can be taken seriously and isn't about judging and killing other people in the name of some imaginary person. Buddha himself has lived and told people to think things with their own brains instead of following some stupid book.

Comment Stallman and FOSS (Score 0, Flamebait) 1452

It's interesting that persons promoting freedom want to restrict what other people do. This is also why I like BSD license more than GPL. It is truly free software license, while GPL tries to restrict what people can do with software and code. On top of that they don't seem to understand that usability and UI's matter A LOT. Face it, interfaces and user experience has always been horrible with FOSS software. Ubuntu has tried to fix that with Linux, but it's still far from Mac OSX or even Windows. Even I hate that interface. This is why companies have actual persons working solely on interfaces, user experience and usability - it's an important thing. With FOSS software the author just throwns in together quickly, with some menu items or buttons sometimes just as a placeholder that do nothing!

I'm not exactly fan of Apple, but Richard Stallman has no merits to basically say he's glad Steve Jobs is dead. Apart from the fact that it is completely stupid thing to say, he just seems jealous that people like Jobs' products and ideas better. The fact is, apart from the a few geeks, people in the real world really don't care about his views or what he is trying to promote.

When people, even some geeks, think about Apple's products they just think they can go to a store and buy a device that will work straight away and is guaranteed to have some quality. They don't want to mess around with the system. Running only free software really does not concern them and never will. It would be good if Stallman and other FOSS fanatics understood that and stop acting like jerks, because that will only have negative effect on their image.

Seriously, what was he thinking? Now people will think of Linux geeks as those lunatics who are happy to see people die.

Submission + - Google+ loses 60% of active users ( 2

tech4 writes: Despite users curiosity around Google+, it seems like most Google+ users just wanted to see the platform and then returned to Facebook. 'Google has lost over 60 per cent of its active users on its social network Google+, according to a report by Chitika Insights, raising questions about how well it is doing against its rival, Facebook. Despite the clear interest in an alternative to Facebook, it does not appear that the people joining are staying around and actively using the web site. Google's problem is not getting users in the first place, it seems, but rather keeping them after they have arrived. For now it appears that a lot of users are merely curious about Google+, but return to the tried and tested format of Facebook when the lustre fades. The problem is that Facebook is not going to rest on its laurels while Google attempts to get the advantage. Already it has added features inspired by Google+, particularly in terms of improving the transparency of its privacy options.'

Comment Re:Amazon did it (Score 1) 338

And still this was only some analysis by some analysis company, which obviously wanted to do some marketing towards them. They, or we for that matter, have no idea if Amazon is actually selling it at a loss of $10. They most likely have got a good deal for the parts too, being a huge company and shipping millions of Kindles.

It's just sad that now a days every piece of story is taken as absolute truth.

Comment Re:Don't hide information. (Score -1, Troll) 171

No, they only "need" to be classified if a country constantly tries to force their views and politics down everyone else's throats (US and Christian "crusades", I'm looking at you!). It just shows that these secrets are used for evil and bad things, for murdering people.

If you worry that some nuclear designs leak out, what about not creating them in the first place? Their only purpose is to mass kill thousands of people. And US is still the ONLY country in the history to even use nuclear weapons against another country. It's such a fucking huge hypocrisy. "Protecting from evil countries" while US itself is the root of evil and has always been. But what more can you expect from a country made of Christians and their beliefs in some imaginary god in the sky.

Maybe I'm being too harsh on US though, as it's clear this has roots all the way back to ancient European beliefs, Rome and Christianity. At least Buddhism teaches real things, real values and there's no imaginary persons, as Buddha himself has actually lived. And he said to think and evaluate things with your own brains, instead of following some stupid book.

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