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Journal Journal: Innocent Magic 1

Children, you're going to have to wait for the 2005 Year in Music Review. For one Nico gets to sit until then (which will be apparent when we get there). For another I did a little hipster shopping back in NE OH and I haven't been able to listen to these new discs while at the parents' so I'll run them through the skullbox before I can give the final read (of course neither of these are '05 releases but then the YiMR will focus a bit on statistics of my buying habits). 'course the general


Journal Journal: The Day before the Last of the Year 1

It is important to know the end of all things, where they lead. If they have them, their multiple futures. To see where all the strings unravel and to where the strand stops. That which cannot end isn't worth much mention. There is little sense other then to feel your gaze loop along that horizon. That is a useless tautology. But the finite futures; seek them and go there, to inevitability. Life is not lived looking back up the river; the water takes you further downstream, faster, car


Journal Journal: Santa Claus is a Black Man 6

Imperial Western revisionist history has many casualties in its quest for enobling the Caucasian ideal but no victim more sad than the truth. And while discussions of the true origins of Hellenistic culture, the Jesu Christos or the lineage of the Egyptian Pharoahs are the more popular topics to reveal the whitewashing the past has received, no little amount of work has been done to the most feverently worshipped of the Christian saints:


Journal Journal: Musical Drippings 7

So we're approaching the end of the year in music. So outside of some last minute purchases, I'll hack together my year in review which will discuss the statistics I've been keeping about all this shit I've been buying.


Journal Journal: Commando versus Predator 6

From Em's journal since I, yes, sadly did most of this from memory, I thought I'd share it with those who might not have seen it. "WTF," I said.

Let's break this down SportsGuy style:

  • Better Ridiculous Arnold Character Name (Commando):
    • Commando: John Matrix.
    • Predator: Dutch. Straight and to the point

Journal Journal: Maryland Weather is Shit 8

An amazing thing happened yesterday. We got our first snow and when I was walking across campus at 3ish in the afternoon I noticed how quiet it was. There wasn't a single sound out of all of this fine particulate drizzling out of the sky and forming soft piles everywhere.


Journal Journal: Pennsylvannia Turnpike Holidays 2

Brown leaves become dappled gray
become scattered white
finally disappeared completely;
and it snows
and snows and snows.

Your black asphalt is
churned slush
over salt
kicked mist into the air
from passing semi-trailer
Slowed red brake lights.

This isn't traffic, this
a processional
Each car
trailing headlights
shoulder to the wind.

New home
welcomes me in
as every,
old or new,
is home
with arms


Journal Journal: Roger Ebert Goes Bananers 11

Roger Ebert goes insane reviewing Just Friends . Metanarrative about how he has to set the stove timer to stay on topic, nonsequiturs about Paris Hilton, her cellphone, sarcastic misquotations of Oscar Wilde, references to IMDB intercut with Truffaut, Rob Schneider, The Ugly Chick, and some onomanapeia. Brilliant.


Journal Journal: The Ending that Never Came 4

The first album came out on October 11th. The second, October 18th. Why the fuck am I waiting to talk about them now? Life has gotten busy for your boy. Or he just stopped caring; he gave up, disappeared and now awoke and just continued on as he had, with no notice of how things might have changed.


Journal Journal: Misadventures of the Sorting Hat *Spoilers* 6

So the theater was packed but my brother (along with Charlie and Jerri) were able to catch the latest Harry Potter (The Goblet of Fire) on opening weekend. So a couple of caveats: I have never read any Harry Potter book. Personally the enjoyable escapism is fine for movies (which are a passive activity unless particularly muscular in their concepts) but I have much better things to spend my time reading (such as Murakami's nonfiction about the Aum-Tokyo subway attacks). This of cou

Data Storage

Journal Journal: Atomics 16

Printing is the product of aggregation. Recognizable shapes can be rendered with one pass and the product will be predictably cheap. Finer granularities only appear through repeat passes. A reduction is a print created through the process of cutting down a medium (woodblock, linoleum, a 330 x 499 pixel square, etc.) and laying a fine matte of ink. Each of these is a transcient printblock that will be destroyed in the processes of creating the next reduction. With the print, all that is left i


Journal Journal: All Out of Order 10

So I'm backlogged on albums as people keep dropping new music off on me asking for listens. Some of these albums I've had for over a month and what is a boy to do? Well for one I usually listen to music either A. in my car or B. at work. Well the first means I would need to burn it onto a data CD, which I'm not to hype on doing (because I'm anal and only want CDs by genre) and I'm not going to ride around with my iPod in there. In addition, the kid now has new company in his computer lab.


Journal Journal: "Get Some", the Review 2

Your Saturday night
Soured into
Faint Pumpkin
That my car
in the morning

With that out of the way, with all we talked about earlier this week, how did Jarhead measure up as a war movie? I'm going to run at this bulleted list style because that's just the sort of guy I am. There are probably going to be spoilers in here so caveat emptor.


Journal Journal: House Hunting 2

The autumn trees are out
turning the leaves
to gold
Except one:
The shade
Black Cherry Red,
your favorite


Journal Journal: Ballads of Helicopter Wings 12

Well with Jarhead coming out this weekend, I thought I'd take a little time to discuss War Movies on two major axes: first, what makes a war movie and, second, why the hell do I hate Saving Private Ryan and love The Thin Red Line. This is complicated by the fact that the first is a War Movie and the second isn't.


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