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Comment Another use of Lua (Score 1) 145

The nmap guys seem to have considered a few scripting languages too for a while, and stuck to Lua because of a couple of reasons addressed in this conference (and probably in some other place in the NSE docs). While I know nothing of the people behind the scenes of Wikipedia, I do kind of trust the decisions made by the nmap team, so my guess is it's not a clueless decision.

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 1) 329

I can relate to what you say, being a non native English speaker. While it took me years to get to an acceptable proficiency in English through (admiteddly) informal methods, I found that learning French was remarkably easier. This might be because my native language is Spanish, which is a closely related romance language, but it still worked both ways: it took me comparatively little time to start being able to derive the meaning or the use of unknown words once I had a minimum grasp of French, and this worked retroactively with English. I might not be able to define or to list with precision every use or meaning or definition of every word I use, not in English, not in French, and certainly not in Spanish, but I can relate and "learn" somehow to use words and language constructions easier now than five years ago.

Comment Re:Unfortunately it's the 1% who calls the shot (Score 1) 528

This makes actually a lot of sense, more so now that it's becoming a lot more common to move away from the now classic huge and expensive recording studios to smaller and simpler, home-made recording studios. The technology is making it easier for any dumbass like me to tape him or herself playing the bass and just paste it over some play along tape, and have it sound sort-of-decent with your favorite (pirated) software and a couple of google searches. Since, as you said, what most musicians want is to actually play live in front of people, the whole 'recording an album' thing is just a means you use to try and make more popular whatever it is that you play, even if just a little bit.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: An open product review website

MastaBaba writes: "I want to move my personal reviews (of books, games, music and films) from my website to an online product review website. However, I would -like- to be able to bulk upload my existing reviews and I would -require- my reviews to be downloadable, by me, in, say, CSV, at any time in the future.
Goodreads allows for import/export of book reviews, and IMDB allows you to export your ratings, but what about game and music reviews? What website aggregates consumer reviews of (all?) products, while allowing for each individual user to easily import and export his own reviews?"

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