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Journal Journal: Fedora 16 upgrade of kernel fails.

The daily upgrade broke booting on the new kernel; it forced booting with the next older kernel and required a "yum reinstall kernel" command for the latest kernel, 3.1.5-2.fc16.x86_64, to boot on my hardware - an AMD, Radeon, and Realtek equipped Toshiba T115D. Grubby reported a fatal error, no valid template found.

Michael J. Burns

Comment Re:Not to be too pedantic (Score 1) 631

The firing of a cannon is not accidental. An engineer would be liable, I think off hand, if she had been asked to evaluate the failure modes and had not spotted this eventuality. Causality rules in this domain of physics. And a cannon ball in flight carries an indivisible and large amount of kinetic energy, the producers should have rated the precautions in proportion.

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Journal Journal: Enlightenment from Criticism of Friedmann Coordinates

I understand now how Friedmann coordinates obscure thinking on cosmology. So an addition to my old meditation on superluminal philosophers is needed. Even though they are contemporary to us by definition, they actually are on the far side of the big bang. Before we imagine them at a suitable distance, we must think of evidence of the big bang being mathematically deducible at a closer distance. Reasoning that excludes communication with such philosophers is complemented by the argument that t

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Journal Journal: More on Supernovae Ia Data

I am indebted to Professor Furton of GVSU for presenting the Carl Sagan Day Lecture in Grand Rapids. It was presented in a gentle and friendly spirit.

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Journal Journal: Political Order

“The Origin of Political Order”, by Professor Francis Fukuyama, seems (to me) to make fundamental points. It is an ongoing struggle to suppress older methods of government: personal vengeance, nepotism, gangs, tribal war gods, graft, bribery and patronage.

Comment Fedora 16 fix (Score 1) 1

It was necessary to delete the file in ~/.local/share/icc/ . AVC was not allowing read access to it for dbus. Now I can login. At the moment the Perl environment is not updating correctly.

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: Fedora 16 disallows my old login 1

My Fedora 16 upgrade only allows my Gnome 3 login twice in an hour of trying. It is a legacy home directory originally from Fedora 14 and earlier, then switched to a uid and gid of 1000 from 500 before the upgrade. My XFCE login reports a dbus error. A new test account is allowed.

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: New neutrino measurements will be a hash.

The new tight bunching of neutrinos, at 500 nanoseconds of separation, are a bit too close to be distinguished by uncalibrated Ethernet timers. The specification, as pointed out by AZSquib, is only plus or minus fifty parts per million. Before being reset by the master clock every six tenths of a second, these 100MHz timers could be off by 3000 ticks, or 30000 nanoseconds. Suppose that these timers are fifty times more accurate than the specification, then the maximum error could be 600 nanos


Submission + - Ron Paul Wants To End Federal Student Loans ( 4

The_THOMAS writes: Rand Paul wants to end Federal student loans stating that the Government involvement artificially inflates the cost of a college education and that once the government is out of the situation, students will be able to work their way to a college degree. What do you think? Also, how many students on /. consider themselves Libertarians AND have Federal student loans and how do you rationalize that?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Linux Laptops? 5

conner_bw writes: I'm an OSX user looking to switch to a Linux laptop. I like the Unix/BSD aspect of OSX. Simple things like when I close the lid the laptop goes to sleep, the sound card works out of the box, long battery life, minimum cooling fan noise, and a comprehensive but relatively straightforward backup system and "AppleCare" package are important to me. What all-inclusive model of laptop and distro would you recommend?

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