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Comment Re:As a voter who normally leans Democrat... (Score 2, Insightful) 1128

It's better in the long term for the country to have rational debate at election time. And straightforward behavior by voters can encourage this. Else even the reason-based coalition will go decadent.

I wish that the Republican coalition would deprecate the opinions of their corporate clients and superstitious voters, so that they can compete with the Democratic coalition on matters of government integrity and efficiency.

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Journal Journal: Life after the Fifth Edition:

What am I going to do with myself now that my backlog is caught up ? The fifth edition of my musings is delivered to the publisher,

I could put out a shingle for tutorials And actually I do have a couple of leads for new study.

- The opposing horizons in a Kaluza-Klein charge likely touch in spite of their opposite headings - many pretty implications.

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Journal Journal: The Dolans Persuaded Me.

Lets allow to individuals a flat business tax rate for income that is devoted to savings, investments, education, and seeding of a family business, and also a sufficient business deductible. But tax breaks on capital gains, inheritance and consumer loans are not justified.

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: Agree on the Horizon

Tachyonic observers would need to see themselves as made of particles with dilation horizons, right? So would we rather discuss tachyonic observers that agree with us on their horizons, or ones that agree on divergence and convergence?

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin

This book represents a high state of art in academic physics. But I am still capable of alarm at the lack of insight into curved spacetime that is prevailing there. Why is three sets of field lines considered sufficient to represent a gravitational field? That breaks compliance with the principle of general covariance. Four sets are needed, and they must be orthogonal partitions that are second order and covariant, not contravariant lines.

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Journal Journal: The Higgs Boson Is Said To Possess A Non Conserved Charge.

Else the Higgs boson could not vanish in a collision with another. This charge must be considered as geometric in the classical context. How else could it be related to mass?

But the nonconservation is an exception to geometric existence - some nonlocal correlation of the tabs that I think of as representing spacetime failure on the small scale.

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Journal Journal: Invisible Failure Of Spacetime And The Observer Lock In

Professor Michio Kaku wrote long ago a little fantasy about the possible, as he thought, rips in spacetime allowing a New York pedestrian to face the muzzle of a T. Rex. But the standard of the metric does not actually allow for this encounter; worm holes such as Michio Kaku describes are disallowed.

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Journal Journal: The Fedora 14 Upgrade Was Very Rough.

I took two days of exploration and finesse at the keyboard to manage an upgrade of my 12" Toshiba from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14.

The time was filled with the temporary removal of problem packages - I remember lyx, mdadm, and openoffice - together with repeated exercise of the various upgrade commands until they registered success.

Michael J. Burns

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Journal Journal: The Cosmological Constant Is Actually An Assertion About Mechanics.

The Einstein-Davis and Kaluza-Klein system inherently excludes any use of the constant. There is no place for it in the behavior determined by the Bianchi identities of the system. Boundary conditions on the metric, taken together with these identities, imply the value of the metric in the interior.

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Journal Journal: Six Fragments

My new edition is pending. (Look for "Hacking Physics".) These are the new trends in my argument that have not been noted yet. I want to write the clauses here, and then insert them into the new edition.

Risk management theory have been argued here recently as applying to terrorism. But beware, criminal acts and warfare have a secondary effect as an assault on civilization. So counteractions in excess of the potential damage done are commonplace and arguably justified.

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Journal Journal: Tachyons Can Not Carry An Effective Electrical Charge [Rewritten].

If they could carry an electrical charge that mattered, then a tachyonic observer could manipulate it in her time, thus leaving a temporary signal distributed in space for a subluminal partner to read.

But this happening is contrary to the cosmic censorship that is needed. The censorship is needed, as I have argued before, to prevent the contrary observations made by tachyonic and subluminal observers from actually confronting each other.

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Journal Journal: It's election day!

I compute that, in Bush v. Gore, the voting made for a trillion dollar difference. Put one million votes on the margin, so that each marginal vote is worth a million dollars. And then consider that every rational voter should value their vote as though it were on the margin. And further consider that a marginal vote for a losing candidate counts for more than one for the winner. After all this sort of marginal vote could change the outcome. And the incoming powers should worry, if they are co

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Journal Journal: General Relativity Made Simple

Each observer can do a specific simplification of the metric and Einstein tensors. For that observer there is usually just one orientation of coordinates to make those tensors diagonal or orthogonal. Than the red and blue partitions that I have written about before are orthogonal and make a completely accurate representation of the metric.

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Journal Journal: Seven Points on Philosophy of Physics

Special motivation is needed by humans to do science and physics. Ordinary motivation and the usual human organizations are not sufficient for the task. Instead, the storm-the-Bastille intensity inherited by gifted individuals is the natural provision for this necessity. This is naturally provided by selection acting on human tribes, I might mention.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 325

This is not Steven Rado, writer or reviewer, as has been explained already. Robert Louis Kemp cites Rado as one of his sources.

As for the physics in Kemp's book, the immediately accessible feature to me from the previews is the radical theism involved. It is not unlike Newton's radical theism, that God is an implementer of arbitrary mathematical designs, as well as an arbitrary puppet master when he wishes. You should consider the position of Spinoza and Leibnitz as an antidote to Newton's assertion of faith. They apparently came to an agreement that mathematical systems exist out there wherever they can because there is no mechanism for a cosmic censor to prevent it.

There are dubious things to be seen in the mathematics, but I did not slow down into crawl gear to prove my impressions. Why would there be an aether? Why are photons standing waves with only a fixed number of wavelengths? How can a photon overcome the dipole nature of its fields to become a polar charge when orbiting the location of the charge?

Naturally, I prefer my own manuscript on controversial physics.

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