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Comment Re:Skynet (Score 1) 70

I was thinking more along the lines of Dr Who - 2x04 The Girl in the Fireplace.
Doctor: "What's happened to the crew? Where are they?"
Ship: "We did not have the parts,"
Doctor: "There should have been over fifty people on your ship! Where did they go?"
Ship: "We did not have the parts."
Doctor: "Fifty people don't just disappear! Where... oh... You didn't have the parts, so you used the crew..."

Submission + - Diablo 3 Open Beta weekend (

Qwade79 writes: Blizzard invites you to assist with stress testing Diablo 3 this weekend in an open beta. If you've sold your first born but still haven't received your beta key this is your chance.
"We're pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game's release on May 15."

Comment Re:Racism (Score 1) 995

First degree murder is premeditated. The fact that Zimmerman called the cops is pretty strong evidence that he didn't set out intending to kill Martin.

Or, to play devil's advocate, knowing he was going to kill Martin, he called the cops to help pre-establish his innocence in the upcoming murder

Comment Re:This is Sony (Score 1) 293 had to "check out" the files, and only was allowed three "check-outs" per song.

I remember that bollocks. I had an awesome minidisc player but the software that came with it was crippled and the way around it was to install Real Player which didn't enforce that 3 checkout rule *shudder*. I think that was the point where I decided I wanted nothing more from Sony.

Comment Re:And that is what really stiffles innovation (Score 1) 384

If I'm in a hurry and blow through a stop sign on purpose I get a fine. If I'm distracted by the guy behind me tailgating and blow through a stop sign and kill someone I'm up for manslaughter. My illegal activity, not stopping at the sign, is identical.

In the second one it is still your actions that cause manslaughter as a secondary offense, hence the differing results.

Comment Re:Not *totally* drug resistant (Score 1) 346

Heya, not trying to scare you either but passing on some info which might be pertinent.

Numb lips could be an indicator that the nerves under/near your wisdom teeth are possibly getting pinched on occasion (as the teeth move/shift) leading to the symptoms described. Dizzy spell/s when standing up sound like it could be related if the wisdom teeth are impacted or at an odd angle putting pressure on the region near your inner ear. Google for info on Inferior alveolar nerve or Mandibular Nerves and maybe get an xray with a dentist to see how the wisdom teeth are placed.

One of the first links I found that is fairly useful:

I only know a bit about it since I've been avoiding getting my last two (impacted) wisdom teeth removed.


Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation? 848

rsmith84 writes "I'm the Senior Systems administrator for a small trade college. When I was hired on, it was strictly for L3 related tasks such as advanced server administration, Exchange design and implementation, etc. They have no in-house programmers, no help desk software, and no budget to purchase one. I'm a moderate PHP and MySQL programmer on the side and am easily capable of writing something to meet their needs, but do not believe I should be A) asked to or B) required to, as my job description and employment terms are not based upon this skill set. I like a challenge, and since all of my goals outlined since my hire date have been met and exceeded, I have a lot of down time. So I wrote the application. It streamlines several critical processes, allows for a central repository of FAQ, and provides end users with access to multiple systems all in one place. I've kept a detailed time log of my work and feel I should be remunerated for the work before just handing over the code. The entire source was developed on personal equipment off company hours. My question is: what should I do? If they are willing to compensate me, I will gladly hand it over. However, it's been mentioned that, if I do the project, it is all but guaranteed that I will see no compensation. The application would streamline a lot of processes and take a lot of the burden off my team, freeing them up to handle what I deem to be more challenging items on their respective punch lists and a better utilization of their time and respective skills. I'm a firm believer in not getting 'something for nothing,' especially when the skills are above my pay grade."

Comment Re:truth (Score 1) 193 the hands of a government, rather than commercial interests.

Can we really say that there's a difference these days? The cynical view is that all politicians are bought by big business and pay lip service to the values that will get them elected to further big business's goals.


Submission + - Gamers solve molecular puzzle (

KPexEA writes: Video-game players have solved a molecular puzzle that stumped scientists for years, and those scientists say the accomplishment could point the way to crowdsourced cures for AIDS and other diseases. The feat, which was accomplished using a collaborative online game called Foldit, is also one giant leap for citizen science — a burgeoning field that enlists Internet users to look for alien planets, decipher ancient texts and do other scientific tasks that sheer computer power can't accomplish as easily.

The monkey-virus puzzle was one of several unsolved molecular mysteries that a colleague of Khatib's at the university, Frank DiMaio, recently tried to solve using a method that took advantage of a protein-folding computer program called Rosetta. "This was one of the cases where his method wasn't able to solve it," Khatib said.

Fortunately, the challenge fit the current capabilities of the Foldit game, so Khatib and his colleagues put the puzzle out there for Foldit's teams to work on. "This was really kind of a last-ditch effort," he recalled. "Can the Foldit players really solve it?"

They could. "They actually did it in less than 10 days," Khatib said.

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