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Comment Re:SPARC is dead (Score 1) 128

I've never taken on the role of grammer nazi before, but the OP was correct.

and of course, Wikipedia:

In the spirit of fair play, I did due diligence of searching for opposing opinions that would support your view, but came up empty handed.


Comment Re:Anything can carry nuclear warheads (Score 1) 194

The problem with ICBMs, as far as I'm aware, is that they are Ballistic. This thing can presumably maneuver in the atmosphere and therefore hit smaller or moving targets. I'm not sure what the current state of ICBMs are, but if all the aiming is done in the boost phase then you're probably aiming at something the size of a city, while this thing could hit a city block or maybe a house. Disclaimer: The above is all speculation on my part.

Comment Re:Murdoch + Typical Apple Product User (Score 1) 246

Apple users who, in my own experience, are overwhelmingly lefty.

I don't get this. I've seen this comment frequently in relation to news about "The Daily", but I don't know where that impression comes from. Just about everyone I know owns at least one Apple product, and at least half of them would consider themselves right-leaning. Where has the "Apple users are Democrats/Liberals/lefties/whatever" come from? Would Apple's products be as successful if they only appealed to one political party? And how does one's political party influence their technology purchases and vice verse? Quick, someone find an undergrad who needs a thesis topic!

Comment Submarine crews (Score 1) 356

I've always thought submarine crews would be better suited to space travel than Air Force test pilots. They need people who can deal with being in small, confined, pressurized vessels for long stretches of time without being able to go outside. And they wouldn't insist on having a window and control stick!

Comment Re:Power density or energy? (Score 1) 444

A power source that lasts forever is suddenly not very useful if it only delivers a few milliwatts

I'm sorry you think so. I'd gladly take a power source that puts out a small trickle of energy; and I'd plug it into a Lithium Polymer battery. I use my flashlight for a few minutes per day if averaged out, so a few small cells like this could easily keep the flashlight topped off. Many devices that run on batteries have this intermittent power requirement. Then there are devices that only require a small amount of power. How much power does a smoke detector draw? Mine runs on a 9v for a year or more so what is that, 14 milliwatts? I can think of endless uses for something the size of a penny that puts out a few milliwatts.

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