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Comment Re:Led (Score 1) 242

I think it may be related to the age of the panel. I'd never seen an image stuck on that particular panel in 5 years. Then it had permanence of a web page and some windows that had only been displayed in those positions for a matter of hours. It was so clear, I could read the title bars and text in a command shell, browser tabs, and the text on the active web page. Glad there wasn't anything embarrassing displayed. :)

Comment Re:Led (Score 2) 242

Image persistence on LCD is a real thing. I've only seen it on panels that have been in use for a long time but it's still real.

Of course, it's not a big deal if the displays are only used for fairly static displays. It'll only be a problem when the display format is updated to a new layout. Then you'll have outlines of boxes, dark patches where the text was, etc. Fortunately, the damage can usually be reversed by "exercising" the pixels. I have a 37" 1080p panel that I rehab'd by using it to display video content for a few months.

Comment Re:California (Score 3, Interesting) 514

It's all about the weather.

Seriously. I've lived on the central coast most of my life and 5 years or so in the OC. When I visit other places, the weather often seems extreme. I visit family in the northwest and they've got this crazy stuff called snow that's like everywhere. It's where people live. In central and southern CA, we keep that shit up in the mountains where it belongs for ski weekends. I go to Vegas and it's ball-scorching hot. I don't care if it's a dry heat. An oven is dry heat, too. Don't even get me started on those New England summers and their 112% humidity. Just sit on the porch and sweat. Same in the south but they throw in thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Having said all that, I plan to be out of CA forever this year. I can take my equity from CA and be a semi-retired land baron in just about any other part of the country, living a comfortable life of leisure. Gonna load up the RV and head east until I find a nice place to settle down.

Comment Get a room. (Score 4, Insightful) 293

I've taken long train trips. If I expect to have to sleep, I get a room in a sleeper car. If you've got the money to spend on some sort of GPS tracking system and proximity alarm, you can afford a sleeper car. If you can't afford that, lock the zippers, tie the bag(s) to your leg and dream about the day when you can afford to travel in comfort. A well-designed travel bag will be configured so all of the zippers can come together in one location and be locked with a single lock. Even my super fancy camera/laptop bag with 5 external zippered pockets can be locked with two locks.

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