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Comment Dear Computer Programmers: Why do this? (Score 5, Interesting) 224

I am not a programmer, I'm just a systems guy. I mainly use Mac and Linux, and 64-bit is something I've Just Done for some time now since the introduction of EM64T, however the few times I need to mess with windows the way it works with 64-bit just baffles me as to how 'hard' it seems to be and how 'little' 64-bit friendly / 64-bit stuff there is.

Why is that?

Comment Nerds Ruining Entertainment (Score 4, Insightful) 409

Can you imagine what those shows would have been like had they tried to apply science as we know it?

If you'd like a try, there is a series of books about "Black Jack" Geary that has FTL combat. It's actually quite a good read from a naval combat in space perspective with light speed weaponry + kinetic weaponry + trying to shoot at things that are moving up to 0.1c and what not. But, if you're not into that kind of thing it's got to be a horrid thing to read.

But they do address the few minutes away FTL issue, but it's because you can only enter/exit a system at certain points so unless you're going to turn around and leave you can't micro jump at them.

Comment Some how 'value' and 'computer' got screwed up. (Score 1) 342

Things aren't expensive because (shocker) MORE PEOPLE USE THEM.

It has nothing to do with people making stuff expensive for expensive sake, it has everything to do with the fact that when a new iPhone came out two million people ordered one in 24 hours.

hell five years ago if a device that did computery stuff did anything close to that people would have freaked out. Now? iPhone 5 is SUCH a disappointment.

Comment Re:Add Support for Visual Studio (Score 1) 1154

Amen. Amen. Amen. Good lord UI on many apps is horrible. Not just Linux, but it's the biggest offender.

I used linux as a desktop OS when RH was still 6.2, and 7.0 and didn't have 'enterprise' in it.

Then I gave up, got a Max because it's core was unix-based and never looked back. I'm sure many people like the roll your own of linux and I learned a ton using it and apply it at work every day, but when I get home and want to goof off shit just need to work and other than clicking a few times to install something I don't want to watch something compile.

I'm sure it's gotten better, but still, to this day, if a GUi starts on Linux I'm lost as to what to do in it, and open a command prompt and do everything from there.

Comment Not only that, Huffington Post cuts/pastes (Score 5, Interesting) 165

Huffington Post is one of those sites I avoid because they mainly cut/paste the entire article and don't reference the original site. A few times I've followed the link I've had to play google detective for a few minutes to find the original article. Just seems shady and with the news of how little to not they pay the people who write for them I stay away from them.

Comment There are less complicated ways to achieve goal (Score 1) 332

Is your goal to provide internet access to church members or to charge them for internet access like a hotel?

How many people do you expect?

For example the Linksys E class routers have a built in 'guest network' feature that has a second SSID that is broadcast for Guests and allows up to 10 simultaneous users to connect. This gives them internet access only and doesn't allow them access to the actual network. Though it's limited to 10 people. This would be a simple solution but if you had more than ten people wanting access it could cause problems.

I have a NetGear WNR3500L. It has a guest network option that allows me to create a second SSID, allow or disallow access to the rest of my network, and allow or disallow the ability of the machines to connect to each other if they're on that network.

If you aren't looking to charge for it those two options to me seem like the best. Inexpensive and easy to configure.

Comment Re:Srsly? (Score 5, Interesting) 507

I would think Facebook could implement something geographically that based on what they know about you, tell you who to call to get your Facebook account restored and have it be the senators of the state you live in, and the house of representatives for your zip code.

That could be spectacular. I mean the phone systems would melt down. I find this idea rather funny.

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