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Comment Re:Seems perfectly reasonable - to a retard (Score 1) 1591

WE ARE AFRAID OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS! That is what this new law is effectively stating.

Funny, I thought the need to own guns for 'protection' and 'just in case', and ESPECIALLY Concealed Carry was explicitly stating.

People who carry concealed may do so out of fear, but it is fear of criminals with no regard for the law. Laws such as the New York law are passed out of fear of the law-abiding citizen, since by definition the aforementioned criminals don't care.

Comment Re:How will this affect the industry? (Score 1) 385

Paint.NET fills the niche of people like me who need a quick-and-dirty image editor and find themselves thinking "I really wish MSPaint could do X". It makes the most sense from the perspective of people coming from MSPaint. I also have GIMP and other image-editing software for more advanced tasks, but for most of the simpler things PDN is unbeatable.

I should note that it's not free software. There is no cost for a license (even for commercial uses), but it is definitely closed-source. Free as in beer, as they say.

Comment Re:What this means in a major US metro area (Score 1) 304

In June we drove 1100 miles (Pikes Peak to Chicago) in 16 hours. I think we stopped three times. This Christmas we're only going 711 miles (each way). I predict < 10 hours drive time + stops, should be less than 11 hours total. Flying would take at least six, plus we'd have to rent a car, etc. etc. Gas will be cheaper than plane tickets as well.

Although I like flying, I hate the hassle that air travel has become, and prefer to drive if it's less than a day.

Comment Re:online xbox gaming (Score 1) 572

Well, La Porte, Texas, is now on my list of places never to live. Sad. I don't say this very often, but good for her for suing. I know cops have a tough job and have to deal with a lot of BS, but there's no way she should have been arrested. On what, an unsubstantiated report by a neighbor? Exactly what danger did she pose, from inside her home, that required her to be forcibly taken the police station? Ridiculous.

Here's what should have happened:
Neighbor: "my neighbor's kids are playing in the street and no one's watching them."
[Cop shows up, kids are already inside]
Cop: "were your kids playing unsupervised in the street?"
Mom: "no, I was outside watching them the whole time."
Cop: "ok, sorry to bother you"

Or even better:
Neighbor: "my neighbor's kids are playing in the street and no one's watching them."
Dispatcher: "well you're watching them, call us if something bad happens."

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