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Comment Doesn't work that way. (Score 1) 684

You don't get to choose what society does, but if *you* want to live porn-free, then you have the freedom to not consume porn. It really is that simple.

No, it's not. I want to live in a society without the effects of legal pornography. Every action has effects, remember?

In the same way, if society legalized child porn, I'd want to live in a society without the effects of legal child porn, which would be a slow but steady legitimization of intergenerational underage sex.

In the same way, if society legalizes the Holocaust, and decides to put Jews in death camps, I can personally not put any Jews in death camps, but that doesn't change the result and the consequences for my society and myself.

Comment How do we generate the power? (Score -1, Offtopic) 525

Are we nuclear yet? Or still burning coal?

A gasoline-burning car is probably less polluting than a coal-burning electrical plant.

Are we nuclear yet? For us to do that, we have to take the maintenance of these plants out of the hands of potential Homer Simpsons.

Have we yet covered the Southwest with solar panels? The tech seems ripe. As long as we don't obstruct any areas where protected species are, this should be a good source of power. It's fusion power, just long-distance.

Why do I still have to commute via car, and why do I always see fifteen cars in the drive-thrus, idling for up to a half hour while they get their "food"?

I make an exception for Taco Bell of course.

Comment You didn't understand, I see. (Score 1) 684

"Your freedom ends at the tip of my nose."

Then stop using negative regulation to trash my society, which influences a lot more than either of our noses.

Internet people are amazing. They repeat the same things over and over again, even when oblivious to context, and assume it somehow makes them profound.

Philosophically, it's no different than copypasta.

Comment Not correct. (Score 1) 684

Child porn is a totally different bag, because children cannot consent to sexual activity of any sort.

Children can consent to many things, including porn. Just ask them.

Whether that's the case legally is another matter, but the past 50 years have shown us that legal standards change quite a bit regarding sexuality.

If NAMBLA contributes a few million to an election campaign, it could be legal sooner than you think. Free speech!

Comment Like giving Sony my info for buying at Best Buy. (Score 3, Interesting) 269

What I think many commentators are missing is that Google, as the actual seller of the app, is like a retail outlet. The app developer is selling through Google, not directly.

What Google is doing here is like Best Buy sending my information to Sony if I purchase a Sony camera at Best Buy.

I hope they stop this leaky, unpredictable practice. It's counter-intuitive to what the buyer rightfully expects, which is that their information is exposed to the primary seller only (Google) and not secondary providers like the app developers.

Comment What do we lose? (Score -1, Troll) 684

Again, I will defy popular opinion and make my unfashionable point:

What do we lose, if porn is banned?

Speech is political or social commentary, which is what actually needs to be protected. If porn gets banned, we don't lose anything that will improve our society. If politicians attack political and social speech as porn, it must be defended there, as it has been in past court cases like the ones legalizing Ulysses and Naked Lunch. However, political speech is much more easily censored by having six media companies control the news who refuse to report on certain things.

I think "free speech" as we want to practice is now is an illusion. It has a very bad consequence, which is that the signal-to-noise ratio becomes almost all noise. Even more, it prevents us from having a community with standards. When porn is common, everyone gets desensitized to porn and lets it shape their worldview.

In the name of freedom of speech, expression, etc. we have permitted ourselves to become crass and to support outright destructive ideas, and in fact force them on others, just to prove we're "open-minded" and that we like government and big media are supporters of freedom, liberty, peace, sexual liberation, diversity, porn, etc.

Comment The USPS is profitable, except for... (Score 1) 582

(if you think that they're not running at a loss, try getting any other company to deliver a letter for 46 cents in any time frame, much less in the usual time for the post).

With $140 billion in annual cash flow, it doesn't look like the problem is their prices. It looks like their overhead is too high, starting with many of the Congressionally-imposed costs mentioned in the article.

Other companies do not have many of the legal advantages the USPS has that were created specifically to allow it to be solvent but inexpensive.

The service last year projected it would save $7.1 billion a year by managing its own benefits.

...a $5.6 billion payment due to the U.S. Treasury for future retiree health-care costs...

Look to the causes here, not some comparison of apples and oranges.

Comment Round up the freaks (Score 1, Offtopic) 72

We'll start arresting people based on their search and CC usage history. And mainstream America will be happy "because we're safer".

Why stop there? Just arrest people for non-conforming behavior.

Anything but shopping, going to work, watching TV and loudly proclaiming "they hate us because of our freedom, liberty, peace, diversity, consumerism, sexual liberation and excellent shopping" is suspect.

If we round up these deviants, I think we can achieve Utopia within the decade.

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