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Comment Fear of commoditization ruined Nokia (Score 2) 179

Really sad to see that Nokia didn't have the confidence in their hardware design and manufacture skill to give Android a chance. They never were in a position to build a proper platform for the current generation of smartphones, so instead they sold their soul to MicroSoft for scraps.

Seriously, if you dismiss the future due to low margin of commodity platforms you better have something amazing to sell, like Apple does.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 562

You're like the guy who get's stingy on buying a GPS unit for his new $100.000 boat that he had to take up a loan to pay for. Sure it's an additional couple of hundred bucks, but when you've just borrowed the cost equivalent of a house then something useful (and possibly lifesaving) that costs almost nothing is _NOT_ wasted money.

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