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Comment Pirate Party is too narrow a term (Score 2, Insightful) 173

I think the Pirate Party should rebrand itself as the Internet Party, Digital Party or Future Party, some such thing, and just fight for the rights of all things that service the good of the Internet, which is kinda what they're doing anyway, except to the layman, who asks "what the hell has pirates got to do with the Internet"?

Comment How come the BSA can just waltz on in? (Score 1) 958

I'm serious, they're not the government, they're not the police, they're a private company, where do they get the right to storm your offices and start poking around in your computers, counting up all your software licenses? I run a small IT shop and if they ever tried that shit on me, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves in no uncertain terms. Can I storm THEIR offices and have a look at all their computers? Or should I too expect to be told to go fuck myself?


Submission + - More Allegations of Developer Misconduct in EVE

umilmi81 writes: The EVE Online player based alliance GoonSwarm has published an open letter, including screen shots, accusing CCP employees of joining a member corporation, giving himself director level permissions, and then leaving the corporation.

In-game petitions sent to CCP about the incident were subsequently deleted. A forum moderator acknowledged the accusations, and has directed the matter to internal affairs.

CCP created an internal affairs department after admitting developer misconduct on previous occasions.

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