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The Military

Submission + - Bletchley Park Codebreaker Honored (

Rambo Tribble writes: England has awarded Raymond Roberts, one of the nine cryptanalysts responsible for breaking the Nazi Tunny code machine, (also known by the German designation Lorenz cipher machine) the MBE. Roberts is the last surviving member of the team which cracked the German army's cipher machine functionality, much like others at Bletchley broke the better-known Enigma machine.

Submission + - The Free Software Foundation Campaigning to Stop UEFI SecureBoot (

hypnosec writes: The Free Software Foundation is on an offensive against restricted boot systems and is busy appealing for donations and pledge in the form of signatures in a bid to stop systems such as the UEFI SecureBoot from being adopted on a large-scale basis and becoming a norm in the future. The FSF, through an appeal on its website, is requesting users to sign a pledge titled "Stand up for your freedom to install free software" that they won’t be purchasing or recommending for purchase any such system that is SecureBoot enabled or some other form of restricted boot techniques. The FSF has managed to receive, as of this writing, over 41,000 signatures. Organizations like the Debian, Edoceo, Zando, Wreathe and many others have also showed their support for the campaign.

Submission + - Anonymous flashmob to 'rescue' Assange (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonumous is planning to raising a flash mob wearing "V for Vendetta" masks to 'rescue' Assange during his 2pm statement today.

Submission + - ShadowGun Premium Quad-Core Android Game Demo on Samsung Galaxy S3 | debrained (

An anonymous reader writes: One of the most praised Android games for its stunning graphics and console-like gameplay orientation-ShadowGun. This game is a premium game that costs about $5 or Php209.00. We’ve managed to download and tested this at DEBRAINEDLABS and all we can say is, its a ROCK and ROLL game that your Tegra and Quad-Core devices should get a taste off.

Submission + - ZeekRewards, Zeekler Users 'In Shock' as service declared Ponzi Scheme

oxide7 writes: Users of and are searching for answers — and their lost money — after the Securities and Exchange Commission charged the sites' owner, Paul Burks, with an alleged $600 million Ponzi scheme.

"I was in shock," said a Zeek member who used the site for five months but asked to not be identified because of the ongoing investigation. "I thought it was going to be a rather simple inquiry and investigation and they would reveal to the attorney general that it was a very profitable business model and that everything was going to be OK."

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