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Submission + - ICANN and .xxx taken to court by biggest porn comp (

SharkLaser writes: Two of the largest porn companies on the internet, Manwin and Digital Playground, yesterday sued both ICANN and ICM Registry, which runs .xxx TLD, to court over extorting defensive registrations with ICANN's blessing. 'The complaint focuses on ICM's recently concluded "sunrise" period, during which porn companies, for about $200, could apply to own a .xxx address matching their trademark or .com domain.' Schools also felt the same way, and had to reserve domains under their name so that no porn content could be put up on them. The .xxx TLD has also previously been subject to criticism by both religious groups and adult industry, but for different reasons. Religious groups believe the .xxx TLD legitimases pornography, while adult industry believes it could lead to censorship.

Submission + - Neutrino's faster than light (

Frans Faase writes: "Beter measurements by the OPERA experiments confirm earlier findings of faster than light neutrino's and have been published in an update version of Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam. One uncertainty about the earlier OPERA measurements, which relied on the shape of the pulse of the neutrino's being shot, has been eliminated. But this does not exclude the possibility of other systematic errors in the method of measurement."
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Submission + - Bethesda tells Minecraft creator: cease and desist ( 1

dotarray writes: While most people from Bethesda and id Software are at QuakeCon this weekend, it seems that at least one of them has stayed back at the office, buried under a pile of paperwork.

How do we know this? A tweet from Minecraft creator Notch, who has just received a message from the company’s law team, claiming his new game infringes on their upcoming game.


Submission + - Google Garden Party bags cash for Bletchley Park (

Blacklaw writes: Google's partnership with Bletchley Park, which began when it donated $100,000 towards the purchase of offprints of noted polymath and former codebreaker Alan Turing at auction for display in the museum, entered a new phase this week with the launch of the Google Garden Party in order to raise money for the restoration of Block C.

Submission + - What Todays' Coders Don't Know And Why It Matters ( 1

jfruhlinger writes: "Today's programmers have much more advanced languages and more forgiving hardware to play with — but it seems that many have forgotten some of the lessons that their predecessors picked up in a more resource-constrained era. Newer programmers are less adept at identifying hardware constraints and errors, thorough specifications developed before coding, and low-level skills like programming in assembly language. You never know when a seemingly obsolete skill will come in handy: for instance, Web developers who cut their teeth in the days of 14.4 Kbps modems have a leg up in writing apps for laggy wireless networks."

Submission + - Drone Plane Converted to Airborne Hacking Platform

adeelarshad82 writes: A pair of security researchers have turned a U.S. Army drone plane into an airborne hacking platform that infiltrates Wi-Fi networks, intercepts cellphone calls, and even launches denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. The researchers built the plane as a proof of concept to show what criminals, terrorists and others might also soon be using for their nefarious activities.

Submission + - Wikipedia is losing contributors (

derGoldstein writes: From npr: "Speaking with The Associated Press on the sidelines of the website's annual conference, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said the nonprofit company that runs the site is scrambling to simplify editing procedures in an attempt to retain volunteers". According to Wales: "We are not replenishing our ranks ... It is not a crisis, but I consider it to be important." Despite Wikipedia's wide-reaching popularity, Wales said the typical profile of a contributor is "a 26-year-old geeky male" who moves on to other ventures, gets married and leaves the website.

Comment Bitcoin is a classic Pyramid/Ponzi scheme (Score 1) 642

Bitcoins are a glorified Pyramid scheme and like all similar schemes early adopters may raise a profit. However they only do this by continually increasing the numbers of people involved. There is no intrinsic value, no underlying worth, nothing is backing them up. 'Trading' them is not investing, at best it is gambling they will pay off before they crash, and at worst scamming.

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