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Comment Re:Get an iPad (Score 1) 155

My mother did the same and still loves her iPad.

However there are considerations that need to be made, especially the ergonomics issues that have been posted.
And also, a iPad requires either an internet connection, or a computer to connect it to (with an internet connection). I'm not sure if a computer running iTunes is required to do a first time boot with the new iPad/iOS anymore, but you do need one in order to update it. The OP said an internet connection was unnecessary, but it would still need to exist to use an iPad, and possibly a computer as well.

I don't know if iTunes requires a debit/credit card either, that could be an issue with someone who's quite elderly.

OP, is there any way you can borrow an iPad and see if it's feasible to your grandmother?

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 295

unless your car is very old, it still has a ECU and possibly a programmable ECU

Maybe I missed the part in the article where the car's OS was open to internet, so how would it be vulnerable to virus in a way that a programmable ECU isn't?

Comment pretty? (Score 1) 132

I've never understood exactly what people mean by "pretty" when it comes to code.

I assumed it meant easier to read but longer to write, but looking over some comments here, is it used as a synonym for "made it easier?"

I mean, I find perl ugly but only because I can't read it very well. Otherwise I find it elegant.

Comment Re:Going back on their word (Score 1) 197

I killed my wow account over a year ago. I'll skip the bit where I add my credentials

we can all go back and forth about who does what to whom and who needs what in order to complete x, however, my comments weren't warcraft specific. I personally think there are many issues with the "current state of MMOs" and damned if I know how to fix them.

There's a "gimme more more more, faster faster faster" attitude in most of the MMOs I've played that really start to drain the fun out it quite quickly.

Comment Re:Going back on their word (Score 1) 197

gold buying can be disheartening. I'm not saying it always is, but in many cases running end game content means you need either the ingame gold to buy the consumables or the time and alts to farm all your own.

If you don't have the time and alts, and if the market for end game consumables has been inflated by gold buying, then you really are down to few choices if you want to continue on in the game.

Comment keeping up with the world (Score 2) 362

regarding this company's practice. Yes it's common, no it's not a place you should work.

It's common because companies can be very very afraid of change, see IE6.

You shouldn't work there for much longer because you really should be getting experience that will let you move your career forward. How would you show a prospective employer that you have Enterprise experience for example. Or experience working in with distributed version control.

IDE wise, Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio are all the big boys. I've only ever used Netbeans and Eclipse for Java (I prefer Netbeans). I use Redcar at home for Ruby development. And VS at work for .net.

Comment Re:but my run button! (Score 1) 862

last time i checked, search doesn't run mstsc, inetmgr, eventvwr, cmd blah blah blah.

I mean Run, which they tucked up under Accessories when they put that damn search box in it's place. At least on server 2008 it's still there staring you in the face.

win-R, also doesn't run when you don't install the drivers for your fancy shmancy keyboard

/got to find those drivers one day

Comment Re:Not just for jobs (Score 1) 247

illogical and unsafe would actually be teaching this to kids.

Think about how well self taught hackers can break things now.

Now imagine if they'd been taught harware architecture and programming from the time they were little.

Well, the security profession might just get even bigger soon.

However, I don't care who publishes the tools that will help the kids learn. Logic is logic. If then, is if then. do while is do while. The syntax changes, not the idea.

If you learn the value of test scripts, does it matter what language it's in?

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