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Comment Re:Tsunami & meltdowns (Score 1) 161

How about some proof of this 'celebrating'?

And no, the equivalent of 'We told you so' is not a celebration.

And as for the tsunami victims, as callous as it may sound, that sort of death toll is a known risk in Japan. They have been living with earthquakes and tsunamis for ages; the sheer incompetence of the TEPCO management is not something they have similar experience with.


Comment Re:Where is the proof? (Score 1) 900

Again, you are producing a massive amount of verbiage to cloud a fairly clear point: there is a lot of anti-science publicity coming out of the United States, and on the subject of evolution, most if not all of that is driven by the Christian Right.

Moreover, the United States is fairly unique in having such a vocal Christian Right that it keeps turning up in mainstream politics, such as setting the books to be used in schools. Even if their proposals keep getting shot down, the US is the only developed country where such religiously motivated anti-science rhetoric keeps popping up.

And even money-influenced anti-science rhetoric is mostly US-based. European opponents of AGW, for example, love to cite US sources for their theories.


Comment Re:Where is the proof? (Score 1) 900

Point me out one country at the same technological level as the United States where evolution is such a political hot potato that school boards seriously propose to remove it from the textbooks and I will concede my point: even though the Christian Right may be a minority, its visibility and political influence is a uniquely US problem.

Comment Re:Where is the proof? (Score 1) 900

A small subset of Christianity that is not so small in the US, and almost exclusively US-based. Yes, that is what we are concerned with, when it comes to the preposition that a modern society is turning away from science.

Especially because this particular kind of moronic fundamentalism is rather close to The Big Red Button.


Comment Re:Bah, humbug. (Score 1) 257

I didn't mind Arwen's expanded part, because it fixed two problems that any adaptation has to face:

  1. Tolkien's Edwardian Boys Club style, which means virtually no women with a major role in the main plot.
  2. Yet Another Elf Syndrome

Frankly, telescoping Glorfindel's and Arwen's roles into the character of Arwen was a perfectly sensible decision in my view, almost genius.

However, the Elves at Helms Deep, and Faramir as Boromir 2.0 was stretching adaptation beyond its limits, IMO.


Submission + - Fukushima finally reaches cold shutdown

mvdwege writes: "The BBC reports that the reactors at Fukushima have reached cold shutdown, meaning that they no longer need active cooling to stay at safe temperatures. Plans can now be made to start the cleanup of the site. Unfortunately, TEPCO has also admitted that not all problems were out in the open until now; an estimated 45 cubic metres of contaminated water have leaked out of cracks in the foundation of a treatment plant."

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 3, Insightful) 663

even have an aerodynamics research lab? How about something besides an oil rig and a desert?

Surely I don't have to be a fan of Iran to point out the idiocy of this statement? Iran is technologically one of the most advanced states in the region, probably only second to Israel.

Oh they're a Gulf state; they must be camel-riding barbarians who only know how to sell oil. I'm going to say it right out: this is not mere ignorance, it's outright bigotry.


Comment Re:Now these guys have some balls (Score 0) 663

If you discount what Iranian politicians say at political rallies, and take a good look at their actual record in foreign policy, then you should admit that Iran is acting far from bat-shit crazy.

In fact, if you go by acts rather than words, the batshit crazy powers in the Middle East appear to be the various proxies of the United States, and the US itself.

Comment Re:Source Code License (Score 1) 265

That's a particularly short-sighted thing to say. And I'm being charitable here.

Since no EPR/CRM product can be tailored to all possible business rule cases up front, any decent system will need a way to customise the way it handles business rules.

Now, whether that is done directly in source or by way of plugin modules, or with a built-in rule-build system is immaterial. In terms of what you are doing it is the same: programming.


Comment Re:Great! (Score 3, Insightful) 349

There are so many "fuck the police" rationalists, because:

  1. There are too many bad apples.
  2. The bad apples are being protected by the 'good cops' ('Thin Blue Line' ring a bell?)

And finally, even if you were wholly right, and it's standoff between assholes and a police force with a few bad apples, it's the police who have power, so it is incumbent upon them to make the first step to change the situation.

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