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Comment Re:Don't be evil (Score 1) 240

The only data that Google has on you is about that you are likely to buy. I know that it is hip now to denounce Google as an evil spy, but they really don't have any information other than what you give them, what you searched for, and what affiliate sites you visited.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 317

If I search for '555 datasheet', then the datasheet is the very first result.

In fact, as soon as I typed '555 d', Google guessed what I was searching for and started showing me results, with the datasheet being the first result. It only took five keystroke, I think Google would have figured it out sooner, except that 555 is a common part of fake phone number. So I had to type an extra two characters, ' d', before the Google instant results figured out that I was searching for datasheets.

So, contrary to what you are saying, it seems like Google is amazingly good at finding datasheets. How can we explain this disparity between our two experiences?

You don't seem like a paid shill. Would you like to try again to convince us that Google is an ad-riddled wasteland?

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 317

I searched for "555 timer chip".

Three ads at the top, clearly marked as ads in a different color.

The organic results were:

1) Wikipedia (555 timer IC)
2) images for 555 timer chip
3) Know Your IC: 555 Timers
4) 555 Timer chip tutorial - YouTube
5) 555 Timer - SparkFun Electronics
6) Electronics Components: How the 555 Timer Chip Works - For ...
7) LM555 Timer (Rev. B) - Texas Instruments

There is the datasheet, at position 7 on the first page. But the first search result, Wikipedia, contains the pinouts and functional specs of the chip, as well as a link to the datasheet.

I hardly had to look through 3 million links to ad farms. Would you like to revise your original statement?

Comment The WBC is a law firm, you idiots. (Score 1) 1061

The WBC is a law firm that exploits the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Award Act of 1976. They engage in acts that provoke people to sue them. When they win the case on First Amendment grounds, they then collect a jacked up fee for their legal services from the opponent. This is why they never do anything outrageous in their home state. They need to be in federal court for the 1976 Act to apply.

What Anonymous did is exactly what the WBC wants. They want publicity and notoriety so that they increase the number of parties that will sue them or in someway violate their civil "rights".

Comment Re:Not the whole story... (Score 1) 342

$128k at Google really means at least $200k. Base salary is not the whole story. Once you include bonuses, Stock awards, and all the free food and other amenities (ISP costs, gyms, transportation), you can expect to make about double your base salary. A lot of compensation is based on performance. And if you have to work more than 40-50 hours a week, it will hurt your performance score, because it means you have to work extra hard to do a normal amount of work. Unless, of course, your project is in some sort of crunch mode.

Comment Re:Did the jurors talk to Bill Buxton? (Score 1) 503

That is one of their related patents, but not the on on trial. The '915 one they used at the trial was something like:
1) If there is only one finger, then scroll screen.
2) The there are two fingers, then zoom.

Though is isn't really about pinch/zoom, it seems impossible to work around. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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