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Comment Re:You're Never Too Old (Score 1) 772

I do have an important question though: how did you come to begin programming? I am unfamiliar with what would have been available paths back in those days. Did you get a degree via courses in logic and mathematics? Trade school? Taught yourself? Mentored?

When kid my mother got me into a LOGO class. I liked it very much, got a TI994/A. Got an IBM PC, an older friend tought me BASIC. Then I started learning by myself most of the languages and all.

I believe Pascal is closest to a procedural language and Delphi is the object oriented equivalent? So that's a somewhat diverse start.


In today's economy? Why not make two resumes: PM and Programmer. If PM skills pay the bills, hop on it and work on programming as a side hobby. If the right Programmer position comes up and the pay is good, consider it but don't set yourself up for failure or take too large a risk if your home/dependents/nestegg are at stake.

That is what I have done so far, but I really do not like PM work. Thanks for your comments.

Comment Re:You're too young... (Score 1) 18

Thanks. For me the options are either desktop (Java/C#) or web. But i feel all the cool things nowadays are on the web, so i tend to think more of the latter. But i'm afraid off all the different technologies that i would need to learn, and the time it would take. I mean, if i want to program in Java, more or less i learn Java, as when I wanted to learn Delphi, I just did. But with web, you have to learn HTML, XHTML, CSS and PHP (to make something useful). It just looks as it would take me much more time than to learn a single thing.

Submission + - I'm Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages? (slashdot.org) 18

ProgramadorPerdido writes: "I have been a developer for 25 years. I learned Basic, VB, C, FoxPro, Cobol, and Assembler, but the languages I used the most where Pascal and Delphi. I then concentrated on a now-non-mainstream language for 11 years, as it was used at work. One day I had the chance to move into Project Management and so I did for the last 2 years. Now at almost 40 years old I’m at a crossroad. On one side I realized developing is the thing I like best, while on the other side, the languages I’m most proficient with are not that hot on the market. So I came here looking for any advice on how to advance my career. Should I try to learn web development (html, xhtml, css, php, python, ruby)? Should I learn Java and/or C#? Or I’m too old to learn and work a new language? Should I go back to PM work even if I do not like it that much? Any similar experiences? Thanks."

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