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Comment Why do we have to be scared of "them" ?? (Score 2, Insightful) 182

Posting AC because you liberal pussies are going to clutch your pearls and mod me down into the dirt, even though deep down you know I'm right

I post messages using my own account and I know how they have modded my posts deep down into the abyss, but why should I be scared of *them* ??

Their behavior is so damn predictable ... they say one thing but their action reflects another.

For example: They say they believe in "freedom" but they are the one who will do _anything_ to silence their critics.

They will also stick all kinds of labels onto their opponents, in the hope that the labels would somehow ruin their opponents' reputation.

In other words, they are pussies.

Why should we have to be scared of them pussies?

Comment The term "Sexual Harassment" is very misleading ! (Score 0, Troll) 182

The term "Sexual Harassment", - with the word "Sex" followed by another word "Harass", - sounds awfully serious.

But, like all other liberal creation (social welfare, for example) "Sexual Harassment" itself has been abused.

Nowadays you can be slapped with a "Sexual Harassment" lawsuit if you comment on the way someone dress herself or "itself".

In fact, I can be charged for "Sexual Harassment" right now, because of the term "itself" that I've used to describe people whom I do not know how to describe (they are not male, nor female).

Comment Re:Wrong Question (Score 1) 168

If he really wanted to ask questions about freedoms, he should have asked about the LGBT rights in Russia or Chechens' right for self-determination

... why motherfucking stop there ??

Why not asking question about why the working bees have to slave their lives for that motherfucking Queen Bee ?

I mean, the FREEDOM of the BILLIONS of the working bees rests on the hands of Mr. Snowden !!

How dare Snowden forgets to ask THAT question !!

Comment Speechless ... (Score 0, Redundant) 168

We are talking about Snowden, a person who spilled the beans of the tyrannical secret program of a supposedly democratic country and thus, helped hundreds of millions (if not billions) to aware of the evil surveillance program that had trespassed on their privacy and this guy ...

I'm speechless !!

Imagine for a minute, an associate of Alan Turing escaping Bletchely Park in 1944 with files recording the facility's activity â" and with details of its capability to decrypt Enigma traffic.

He is outraged about the government's attempts â" often successful â" to intercept other people messages (some intercepts leading to deaths of hundreds) and is smart enough to envision the future, where such ungentlemanly conduct will become common place. And so he goes public with the materials he took with him, holding a press-conference somewhere â" say, in Switzerland.

Because none of the UK allies will have him, and he fears the Allies' long hand in neutral Switzerland, he takes refuge in Germany, where he is promptly drained of all the information he carries (in files and head)? Germans modify their encryption practices and Bletchley Park is no longer able to decode the communications.

Should the man's life not be hell after that? Or should he simply be hung for treason?

Comment They will attack Snowden no matter what ! (Score 3, Insightful) 168

Mr. Snowden asked Putin a question and they crawled out from under the rocks and singled out on Snowden for asking "soft question" and/or "canned performance", et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ....

Even if Snowden didn't ask any question (didn't participate on the call-in program at all) they would still find a way to attack Snowden

NSA has a long memory - and they will never stop harassing Snowden, period.

Comment Come, come work in the Agriculture business ! (Score 1) 159

I fully understand your doubt.

For people who have no idea of what it takes to grow plants commercially, they have no idea what the chain of support industries whose whole existence is to make the whole process more cheaply, and to get the "harvest" to market as fast as possible.

And in order to do so, they have to use a lot of resources - resources such as fossil fuels - to make it possible.

Everything from the making of the fertilizers, to the packaging of the fertilizers to the transportation of the fertilizers to the farms, to the pesticides used (and the making and transporting of the pesticides) to the harvesting to the, in the case of corn and palm to sugar cane and the turning of those commodities into biofuel --- all those consume massive amount of fuels.

You won't understand the full extent of the agricultural business until you are in it, and I am in the midst of it, right now.

I have largely exit the high tech field and right now most of my investment is in agriculture - I can see the stupidity of the insistence on the use of biofuel.

The only way to cut down on the carbon footprint is to USE LESS. The biofuel thing is nothing but a big sham !

Comment The American Dream is not a lie (Score 1) 818

the American Dream(TM) lie is well understood .... The idea that anyone can make it if they work hard. Well, maybe they can if they get really lucky, but for the majority they won't get rich in their lifetime. Not to say that they will have bad lives or anything

It has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with one's point of view and how far one is willing to go to achieve that dream.

The American Dream does happen, and it happened to me. Of course, there aren't many people like me, but to say that it is a lie is to deny the reality.

Comment Tyranny can't last forever (Score 1) 818

...we're likely to break the cycle by spawning an eternal Tyranny instead of a sustainable Democracy

The only way a tyranny can last is when the people let them.

Unless they can find a way to turn the "subjects" into borg-like things (which obeys their master 100% of the time), human beings, being a rebellious lot, can not, and will not be suppressed forever.

Rebellions (plural) will happen.

While the tyrannical regime might be able to crush most of the rebellious attempts, there will always be that final rebellion which will crush the ruling junta.

Thus, the cycle continues ...

Comment Nationalism in China (Score 2) 818

The Chinese are always, and have been, very concern to what is happening in China.

Even me, a Chinese, who ran away from China when I was very young, and ended up in America and stayed in America for a few decades, still in my spare time, check out what is going on in China.

The "nationalistic" phenomenon for the Chinese people ebbs and flows - it happened back in WW2, when the Japanese invaded China, it happened again during the Korean war, and for a while, in between the Korean war until recently, most Chinese prefer to focus their attention towards themselves.

At first it was for survival, as China under the tutelage of Mao, landed itself in a seemingly endless episodes of man-made disasters. Famines that took away the lives of millions happened. Cannibalism happened, cultural revolution happened, intellectuals were driven to madness and/or suicide happened, and so on...

When Deng took over in the late 1970's, economically speaking China became better. The Chinese people turned towards making money.

That lasted for almost 40 years, and the economy of China has started to flatline, people are getting laid off (and young university graduates couldn't find jobs).

To allay the pent-up anger, the CCP, under the Xi-Li pair, opted for the "nationalistic" approach.

And that coincides with the provocations from Japan. With more and more provocations from Japan, the fuel for the fire of nationalism multiplied.

You gotta understand that the Chinese people, until today, can *NOT* forgive what the Japanese did to them, back in the WW2. That is because, unlike the Germans who issued public apologies to their victims (particularly Jews and Gypsies), the Japanese refused to apologize for the carnage they had done in China.

That bad blood in between the Japanese and Chinese is now exposed in the open.

The CCP of course, ain't stupid. They fully utilize the follies from Japan to add fuel to the nationalism fervor.

Comment Re:The U. S. of A. does not operate in this mode (Score 1) 818

The fact still stands.

In the United States of America, the commoners are totally cut off from the decision making process.

George Bush did *NOT* get the permission from the American public before he launched the attack. He didn't have to, as the American public has absolutely *NO SAY* in the running of things.

Taking this a step further --- in the current situation relating to NSA --- Obama does *NOT* care what the people feel, because the "feeling" of the people is inconsequential, as what is to be done, WILL BE DONE, whether the people like it, or not.

Comment The U. S. of A. does not operate in this mode (Score 5, Interesting) 818

"...because the politicians do, as you say, simply have to FRAME a proposal in language which RESONATES with the worldview of the people being targeted..."

Sadly, you do not know the US of A.

The politicians inside the United States of America do not need to frame any proposal to the people, all the need to do to get anything done is to use their influence to rally a portion of semi-elites to his or her cause, and through the butterfly effect , it is done.

Case in point - United States attacking Iraq

When George Bush decides to attack Iraq, he did not need to get the approval from the Americans. All he did was to rally the world community (elites from different countries) to his cause, and when he got the support, off goes the Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

I was from China, and I still remember how hard the Chinese Communist Party had to rally their own people to support their decision to send troops into Korea to fight the Korean war.

In contrast to what George Bush did - the Chinese government, under Mao, almost tapped into all the resources it could muster, to get the people into the mood.

In a way, at least back in the time of the Korean War, the Communist government which rule China was more attuned to their own people, than George Bush, to the Americans.

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