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Comment The 1970's is long gone (Score 3, Insightful) 330

The real question is - will the US Gov be prosecuted for their crimes ? At least these ones this guy Snowden made public

Buddy, the 1970's is long gone

The United States of America is no longer the United States of America of yesteryears

Our journalists no longer have the professional zeal as their peers back in the 70's

Our congress is filled with scoundrels that are as bad as the scoundrels in the White House

And most importantly, our judiciary system can no longer be as unbiased as before --- no judge would dare to rule against the man in the White House, no matter who he or she turns out to be

And our court system is no longer unb

Comment How ?? (Score 1) 391

When the backbone is compromised, you're pretty much fucked unless you run strong encryption everywhere and obfuscate who you are talking to

1. How strong must those strong encryption be ?

NSA has their hands on the latest and greatest gadgets, including quantum computers, which can, theoretically, decrypt anything

2. Unless we have our own secured backbone trunks, there is no way we can successfully "obfuscate" our presence online, even TOR can be broken

Submission + - US pressuring Hong Kong to arrest Snowden while Snowden has flown to Moscow ( 2

Taco Cowboy writes:

Is the United States of America a country which still obeys the Rule of Law ?

In an irony twist, the government of the United States is reminding Hong Kong to follow the
Rule of Law while itself has violated the Constitution of the United States of America

The United States is publicly putting pressure on Hong Kong to arrest Mr. Edward Snowden.

“If Hong Kong doesn’t act soon, it will complicate our bilateral relations and raise questions about Hong Kong’s commitment to the rule of law,” said a senior administration official

In the meantime, South China Morning Post of Hong Kong also releases information regarding US's hacking on China's cellphone companies and the prestigious Tsinghua University

China is furious about the revelations, accusing the US actively engaging on illegal cyber hacking activities on other counties while publicly identifying itself as a "victim"

Latest development: The South Chinese Morning Post has reported that Snowden has aboard a plane flying to Moscow

Comment Re:Not justice (Score 0) 240

There are many peace loving islamic people and tarring them with the same brush as the extremists is just ignorant

You know what is the perfect example of ignorance ?

You !

After all the mayhems those ISLAMIC FUCKERS have done to the world - from Thailand to Nigeria to China to Russia to America to England - it's the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ASSHOLES such as you are still insisting that "Islam is peaceful"

Fuck that !!!

If Islam is really that peaceful, there won't be so many extremists of that faith, creating so much troubles for the world we live in

While we are at it, can you tell me who are the suicide bombers ? The Christians ? The Buddhists ? or those ISLAMIC FUCKERS ??

You are so blinded by your STUPIDITY that you can't see the goddamn reality even if it hits you in the face !!

Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

What was the problem with unloading Symphony on consulting support based upon LibreOffice? Given that this is a business they want to be rid of, I would expect they would not need to bolt proprietary stuff on to it any longer.

Regarding MariaDB support, I think you're correct that they're treating it as a competitor. This wasn't really the case for MySQL. IBM provided a supported version of MySQL.

Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

IBM is most visible around Apache OpenOffice. What they are doing around MySQL v. MariaDB is tacit support through inaction. They didn't turn to supporting MariaDB or another MySQL version when Oracle de-supported MySQL on IBM platforms. They did something similar during Oracle v. Google - they chose just that time to abandon the Harmony project and commit to Oracle's JDK.

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