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Journal Journal: How about: "We elected a no-talent rodeo clown? Twice!" 42

But it has now become equally puzzling why he has not become more sure-footed in foreign affairs. He is one of the brightest men ever to occupy the office, and yet his learning curve has been among the flattest. Talking to players on the world stage--most of whom still want him to succeed--one finds them genuinely rattled, worried about a lack of national will and operational competence.

Look: we put an ass in the oval office. I have been and will continue to play the "I flipping told you so" card more or less indefinitely. Anyone who ever supported this used car salesman can just fall off the planet.
He is not, nor has he ever been "one of the brightest men ever to occupy the office". W is far smarter. If you even want to bother arguing the point, first produce BHO's transcripts.

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Journal Journal: Let's call a troll a troll 125

We start here, where d_r said, emphasis mine:

Yet you don't seem to care for the Muslims much (as evidenced by, amongst other things, your repeated reminders for us of the scary middle name of the POTUS).

To which I reply:

This is a bald-faced lie, but I know you well enough now to account this as a straightforward troll. I defy you to show a single instance on the entire Internet where I personally have drawn a single derogatory conclusion based upon any portion of the President's name. A single one.

To which the response is:

In what way is it a lie? You just - again - told the Muslims that you believe they are wrong. You use the president's middle initial for what reason?

Now, I understand that the game here is for the liar to make an outrageous claim (previous examples included saying that I had called for violent removal of the President, or that I had plagiarized a website) and then continue to pick away until I lose patience with the idiocy on his end. A few rebuttals:

  1. FDR, LBJ, BHO, WTF?
  2. It's 1/26 of the alphabet. Dude, are you really into policing at that level? Can't we all pitch in and get you a life?
  3. Are you trying to contend that the Roman alphabet, itself, is the source of bigotry? While such would be outlandish, I am forced to admit that it's in keeping with your degenerate approach to argumentation.

I guess the only real regret I can muster is having ever read d_r in any serious light.

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Journal Journal: A Short Confession 41

This really requires its own post:

In spite of your desire for an American Monoculture (TM), diversity of thought is actually on the rise here. Recent surveys show that practicing Christians are approaching a minority status in this country. You may see this as a sign of the end of times, but I disagree. I don't care whether people have faith in an unprovable deity or not, but I do appreciate seeing more diversity in thought.

In defense of d_r's viewpoint, there may be some (or even a huge chunk of people) who adhere to some notion of a "Christian Ummah". After the Second Coming of Christ (soon, please) we may arrive near there, I suppose. However, short of such an unambiguous, global, history-making-a-sharp-turn event, the whole notion's a wash.
In me, you have a specimen of what Marxist Hacker 42 might call sola scriptura fundamentalism, though I really don't consider myself "Protestant" in that sense. It's possibly to cheer the Pope when he's Biblically on point, and fade when he drifts (in my opinion) into arbitrary tradition.
Ultimately, there is the individual, and there is the Almighty. God will remain "unprovable" at an intellectual level while we're here under the sun, before the Second Coming. Why, you ask? Not claiming to speak for God, but it sure seems, that all individual specimens of mankind must be on the hook for what they do or leave undone with the information given them about What Life Means.
Thus, "diversity in thought", itself, is a kind of a bugaboo. But who can deny that it's a shiny one for the fallen mind? Are you really after more noise in the signal? Do you really want more illness with your health? Hangovers with sobriety? Truly, everybody has to explore truth and falsehood on their own, but it seems that the basic objects of male, female, family, right & wrong don't have much deviation across the human experience. One seeks "diversity of thought" to roughly the extent one mixes buggy functions into the final code release.
But let's go after a kind of diversity. A Venn diagram of various faiths indicates substantial overlap. It's more fun to rejoice in the commonality of faiths than it is to spend time thumb-wrestling on whether zippers are sinful and buttons are the only proper closure for clothing. To me, "diversity" means that we don't run around thrashing each other on fine points of Calvinism vs. Arminianism, and we certainly don't waste time trying to regulate morality via legislation (Roman Epistle). On Tuesday, I had lunch with a Muslim fellow at my company, and shared with him the plot for a "boy meets girl in Afghanistan" novel I'm working on. It's important to capture the Islamic faith of the girl in a way that's accurate and educational for the reader, and doesn't bring a fatwah down on my head. Osama is actually a cool chap, and I'm blessed that the Almighty arranged for him to be my church deacon's next door neighbor, and work at my company.
Back on topic: that which is proper, pleasing, useful, and consistent over time is far from "new". Only technology has varied, not human nature. If you think "diversity" == "velcro genitals" and the Sexual Geometry of the Week Club, I only ask that I be excused, and the right to protect my children from such confusion in their formative years. Once they have a foundation in good vs. evil, I can only pray that my teaching guides them toward the former.
To summarize: your criticism has substantial basis, but is by no means the whole of the conversation.

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Journal Journal: Unfortunately, Holy Progress is all inversions 20

It's odd to come to agreement with someone this way, but I lament the lack of spiritual diversity in this country, too. Holy Progress, our secular anti-faith, is really nihilism. We "borrow it forward" with gusto, tricking people into giving up liberty for a false sense of security "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
You have the partisan lie of the GOP claiming to want something other than ObamaCare, and, yet, magically, getting all balky right around the point where the actually could've done something.
After November, we'll have the spectacle of a GOP Congress, flush with power. . .somehow forget that elections have consequences, or something.
This might all seem strange, until you recall that the geniuses driving this bus, Democrat and Republican, don't really have any principles anymore, other than power. They are pretty much rudderless as individuals, swept along by a hellish current that says we are all Ambassador Stevens, and Progress will devour us if that's what's convenient. Unholy, unholy, unholy is the Progress.
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Journal Journal: Bazillionth isolated, unconnect incicent of Democrat playing race card 17

We've got people on here who swear such never happens, I know. So this is probably just a freakish, unique occurrence, despite our having elected this über-light bringer dude as POTUS. Twice:

A Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an "Uncle Tom," Mitch McConnell is a "racist," and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson made the comments over the weekend while appearing on a New Nation of Islam radio program.

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Journal Journal: Any one with a plural brain cell count knew this 137

Benghazi Emails Show Blaming Video Was Effort to Protect, Re-Elect Obama
The past certainly frozen, but there are lessons here that can still protect the future from the particular flavor of idiocy.
Plus, answering the Lefty sycophants in advance: Piss Off, ye slack-jawed dirtbags. You've done enough damage, have you not?

As usual, the Instapundit is highly astute:

I don't think anyone will impeach Obama because
(1) He's black, and impeaching the first black President is too fraught;
(2) Another impeachment so soon after Clinton might set a pattern; and
(3) President Biden.
But I was serious when I called for him to resign over the Nakoula arrest. It was a transparent case of political scapegoating and a complete abrogation of Presidential responsibility. In itself, it indicated an unfitness to serve, and subsequent revelations have merely underscored that fact. For the same reason, of course, I didn't expect him to resign.

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Journal Journal: Piketty is sort of a modern false prophet 41

The book that is all the rage on the left is a dense economic tome called Capital in the 21st Century by a French and Marxist economics professor called Thomas Piketty. It epitomizes cargo cult economics well blended with the vice of greed and a disregard for the whole "thou shalt not covet" thing that somebody important once warned us about. It also has a lot of formulas and charts and graphs that make it really compelling the the crowd.

Ah, the zombie lies of Marx.

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