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Journal Journal: On travel 6

I'm on the road this week, limiting availability. Also, I'd like to forgive those who seem to think that accusing people of lying somehow improves communication. I've engaged in my share of trolling, hyperbole, and general obnoxiousness, but here this: life is too short for deceit.
The intent here is not to sound whiny or hypocritical about anything. There are no debts in any direction. We were always consenting adults. However, life is also too short for dealing with false accusers. Your personality is your punishment.
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Journal Journal: Jonah Goldberg QOTD 49

Consider the fact that Obamacare is now simply untethered from law or policy. This week the administration announced that you can get a hardship waiver from Obamacare if your hardship is . . .wait for it . . . Obamacare. This is like getting out of doing push-ups during basic training if you can prove that doing push-ups would be difficult for you, defeating the point of doing push-ups in the first place. The White House is quite simply making it all up as they go along. You can't really point to a thing that is Obamacare because doing so would be like pointing at the blob in a lava lamp and saying "that looks like Michael Caine eating a badger." Maybe it looks like that right now. Give it a second. When you criticize Obamacare the response from its defenders gets meta really quickly.

I'm sure that damn_registrars understands all of this substitution of mood for law is a necessary step so that one day soon BHO can call a press conference and announce: "I have a Single Prayer dream" in his best MLK voice.
We'll get there, d_r. Let us know if you need a diaper re-supply.

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Journal Journal: Underscoring fustakrakich's point 2

So the Tea Partiers are sold out. This will be a hard lesson. Welcome to the natural political cycle. My real point is not that there is anybody virtuous enough to hold office (there is not) but that we need to liquidate incumbents as often as possible, and then cram a term limit amendment up their backsides.
Hell is stocked with professional politicians.
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Journal Journal: State-managed racism encounters tough sledding with unfavored minorities 9

A legislative push to permit California's public universities to once again consider race and ethnicity in admissions appears to be on life support after an intense backlash from Asian-American parents who fear it will make it harder for their children to get into good schools.

CA is just gonna have to go with damn_registrars and bring in MOAR REGULATION.
Remember kids: regulation is the new sex.

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Journal Journal: Just let it go 10

On another occasion I asked your deputy why you didnâ(TM)t conduct an evaluation by the Op-Divs of the immediate office administrative services to try to improve them. She responded that that had been tried a few years ago and the results were so negative that no further evaluations have been conducted.

Q: What is the difference between a zombie, a garden gnome, and a specimen of homo bureaucratus?
A: The gnome makes the best travel commercials, and the other two are fungible.

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Journal Journal: Big setback for the "nothing to see here, move along" community 8

A new report by House Republicans concludes that former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner engaged in wide-ranging, politically motivated efforts to hamper conservativesâ(TM) use of tax-exempt organizations.

On the one hand, there are the slack-jawed sycophants who claim that the IRS was "just workin' hard, tryin' to do a job".
Then there are those (me among them) who'd say that anything short of utter dissolution of the IRS and replacement with a simple, effective reform tax code would simply count as collaboration.
Poor GOP, actually facing the prospect of power with an expectation that they actually improve matters.

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Journal Journal: Democrats are gonna need a bigger lie 38

Krauthammer, reacting to POTUS saying that people should put their money into ObamaCare over other priorities:

"You know, this is the ultimate nanny-state patronizing," Krauthammer said. "The president steps into your life and says you should be spending on x and not on y. It is bad enough that the government is taking a lot of your hard-earned money in taxes. It is bad enough that you're over-regulated in just about every aspect of life. Bad enough the government wants to control so many aspects of the economy and of the culture. But here he is stepping into your living room and kitchen table and saying you're overspending here and there. And this is why I say it is the embodiment of this hyper-liberalism. It's the perfect example. It's as if the Republicans couldn't have invented something more demonstrative of what this kind of nanny-state liberalism is about and it's precisely how the president is telling you to spend your money after taxes."

After Jolly beat Sink in FL-13, the quest for a bigger lie than ObamaCare is going to be a tough one even for champion purveyors of falsehood.
The more interesting point, though, is that the GOP is going to be faced with a mandate to do something for which it really hasn't shown much stomach: delivering on its platform.

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Journal Journal: Direct election of Senators is idiocy 77

In response to damn_regsitrars, who thinks that repealing the 17th Amendment would be a bad thing, I admonish him to step out of his Progressive shell and consider that there were 13 States, and they delegated certain limited powers to a Federal government for interstate and international reasons.
The question

How do you encourage [citizen engagement] while simultaneously taking away the ability for citizens to vote for representation in the senate?

is rooted in a non-grasp of what the Founders were out to achieve. See http://www.amazon.com/Americas-Constitution-Akhil-Reed-Amar-ebook/dp/B000SEPKIU/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393979724&sr=1-1&keywords=akhil+reed+amar for some desperately needed understanding.
The Senate is to be a set of ambassadors from States, to DC. Much of our collapse is due to the States being diminished as political objects. The House, inevitably, is going to want to borrow and spend endlessly; the Senate is supposed to be the adults in the room. OOPS! The Senate's not going to pass a budget. Why? It's an election year! They'd rather protect their careers than do anything statesmanlike. Do. You. Fail. To. See. The. Problem, damn_registrars, you ignorant SNL reference?
By your degenerate, MOAR VOTES==BETTA logic, we should have the Supreme Court run for election, as well.
Federalism, pipsqueak.

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Journal Journal: Since the Kochs are the bad guys 60

Since the Kochs are the bad guys, I'm sure my stable of trusty analysts can help me see where these free market principles are insincerely or incorrectly spouted:

"I think one of the biggest problems we have in the country is this rampant cronyism where all these large companies are into smash-and-grab, short-term profits, and that's true even at the local level," Koch explained.

Companies have created an environment in which entering an industry comes at a serious cost that off-sets innovation and economic development. Cab drivers can pay anywhere from $100,000 or $300,000 to get a medallion to drive a taxi, while hairdressers must pay for a two-year education for a license to style hair.

Koch freely admits the subsidies in place are ideal for large companies like his because they make more money through a marketplace that is difficult to enter.

Read the whole thing.

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