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Journal Journal: Best Syria analysis I've seen yet: it's all 2014 17

Whatever happens, this much is clear: We`re no longer talking about the IRS targeting tea party groups, the Justice Department tapping reporters` phone lines, the NSA`s surveillance programs, Benghazi. The president has smartly changed the subject to the most important decision a commander in chief makes: war.

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Journal Journal: Victory Davis Hanson identifies harsh Obama critic: Obama

Setting a series of Obama quotes over the years vs. the current Syria situation:
His concluding four analyses are astute, but I think a fifth one that varies (D) is also there: American global hegemony is just threadbare in the Information Age, and in bad need of a recalibration.
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Journal Journal: Rodeo Clown Foreign Policy Gets No Respect 4

Daladier, a classic leftist politician of the era, became Prime Minister three times. French politics were rough and tumble, with alliances made and dissolved, and little attention paid to foreign policy. There was a general refusal to acknowledge that Germany was re-arming and preparing for another round. Daladier was a voice in the wilderness. He saw the threat coming from Germany and became particularly alarmed by the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Unlike many others of his time, and today, he understood that Communists and Nazis comprised two sides of the same totalitarian coin. Daladier became PM for the last time in April 1938. By this time, the West's appeasement policies towards Hitler were firmly set. Daladier desperately tried to convince Britain's Neville Chamberlain to take a firmer stance against Hitler. Chamberlain would have none of it, and France's parlous military state prevented Daladier from striking out on his own. Chamberlain had decided to yield to Hitler's demand for the Sudetenland, and to the effective dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. Daladier argued against this, but found himself helpless to do anything but go along. To his life-long shame, Daladier became a signer of the September 1938 Munich Agreement, the now universally recognized monument to appeasement. Heading back home from Munich, Daladier assumed angry French patriots would rip him to shreds. He, instead, got a hero's welcome. Enthusiastic crowds sang his praises, prompting him to turn to an aide, and utter the famous, bitter, and prophetic words, "Ah, the fools! Why are they cheering?"
. . .
I have written before about the Obama foreign policy (here, here, and here, for example). We are firmly in the grip of an appeaser, perhaps even worse. Other countries have begun to see that quite clearly.

All I can say is that I've worked harder to restore sanity to our system the last five years than in the preceding 20. Too, you can't wholly blame Obama; the structural drivers precede #OccupyResolutDesk. Nevertheless, he'll be the one to run us aground. So, brace for shock and stand by for a rough one.

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Journal Journal: Postmodern drivel is corrosive for the mind 5

Funniest title yet this year: "Gender deniers insist Bradley Manning is a woman", linking an NRO article daring to speak truth to nitwits:

We have created a rhetoric of âoegender identityâ that is disconnected from biological sexual fact, and we have done so largely in the service of enabling the sexual mutilation of physically healthy men and women (significantly more men) by medical authorities who should be barred by professional convention if not by conscience from the removal of healthy organs (and limbs, more on that later), an act that by any reasonable standard ought to be considered mutilation rather than therapy. This is not to discount the feelings of people who suffer from gender-identity disorders â" to the contrary, those feelings must be taken into account in determining courses of treatment for people who have severe personality disorders. But those subjective experiences do not render inconsequential the biological facts: A man who believes he is a woman trapped in a manâ(TM)s body, no matter the intensity of his feeling, is no such thing. The duty of the medical profession is not to encourage and enable delusions, but to help those who suffer from them to cope with them. It is worth noting here that as a matter of law and a matter of social expectation, the fiction of sex change is treated as the paramount good: We are not expected to treat those who have undergone the procedure as men who have taken surgical and hormonal steps to impersonate women (or vice versa) but as people who have literally changed sex, which they have not â" no more than Dennis Avner, the famous âoeStalking Catâ who attempted to physically transform himself into a tiger, changed species.

If you believe this gender noise, you might also believe that life begins sometime after all of the information that defines a person is available, or that we can "use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption".

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Journal Journal: Can my narrative experts opine? 25

How about this dead Aussie?
This tragedy sucks as bad as the one that befell Trayvon. How is the narrative going to evolve to handle this one? I suspect not at all; since violence only merits notice in one direction, the Racism Industrial Complex goes on holiday, leaving the cricket chorus to pick up the slack.
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Journal Journal: Start? 81

Then there's the wrap up of the Whitey Bulger trial in Boston. Bulger was a mobster who was in tight with Justice Department officials and Massachusetts politicos, (Bulger's brother, a Democratic pol, was president of the Massachusetts Senate) and after his conviction one juror reported that she was "stunned" by the extent of government corruption that came out in the trial. That's impressive. It's getting harder and harder to stun people with government corruption these days.
And that's the problem. Enough breaches of trust -- and I haven't even started to hit all the scandals out there, by a long shot -- and ordinary people will start to assume that the whole system is corrupt.

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Journal Journal: The Indebted States of America 30

Wasn't one of you mungheads just telling me that the debt is b.s.?

Maria Pappas, the treasurer of Cook County, Illinois, got tired of being asked why local taxes kept rising. Betting that the answer involved the debt that state and local governments were accumulating, she began a quest to figure out how much county residents owed. It wasnâ(TM)t easy. In some jurisdictions, officials said that they didnâ(TM)t know; in others, they stonewalled. Pappasâ(TM)s first report, issued in 2010, estimated the total state and local debt at $56 billion for the countyâ(TM)s 5.6 million residents. Two years later, after further investigation, the figure had risen to a frightening $140 billion, shocking residents and officials alike. âoeNobody knew the numbers because local governments donâ(TM)t like to show how badly they are doing,â Pappas observed.

Economic gravity. It sucks.

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Journal Journal: These Democrat operatives can return to Hell 18

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