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Comment Re:some more truth for you (Score 1) 16

Accepting your point for the sake of argument, so what?
That is, if our population is so many hunks of beef in a slaughterhouse, do we just give up the notions of liberty and representative government?
I usually refer to the notion as 'bureaucratic Calvinism', but maybe we can coin: 'cowvinism' to capture this notion of inevitable cattle-hood.
The fundamental, diabolical flaw in

The people basically *are* as the Left sees them.

is that you just crushed individuality when you said 'the people'.

Comment Re:It must be time for a new non-troversy by now (Score 1) 16

Even if I used it in every conversation I have with you between now and the end of time I still wouldn't be able to raise it as many times against Obama as you have.

I certainly haven't employed 'impeachment' as often as BHO has laid down the personal pronoun. Nor do I think the symptom is greater than the disease. When you consider how thoroughly silly our representative government has become, BHO just loses relevance.

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