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Comment Re:And this too shall pass away. (Score 1) 639

So which of the major spending by the government are you ready to do away with? Defense spending, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid? Because, quite frankly, any cuts to any other program isn't monetarily worth the time or devastation the cut would bring.

So whose life are you willing to put into jeopardy for the rather foolish notion we don't have a revenue problem?

Comment Um, what? (Score 3, Insightful) 584

So the FBI silently investigated people who reasonably could have resorted to lawlessness, and that's now stifling dissent? As someone who supported the idea of OWS, even that doesn't make any sense to me. As the saying goes, civil disobedience is still disobedience. When you walk the thin line of breaking the law, you should expect the organizations which investigate crimes to be interested.

The summary, and the article attached to it, seem nothing more than sensationalist in order to drive web traffic. More than sensationalist, outright biased. Just reading a few paragraphs of the summary pretty well shows this article was not at all interested in truth, but rather just spreading biases against the many agents and officers who were simply doing their job.

This article and summary make very little sense. Or, would that be "since", in order to keep in step with stifling descent?

Comment Seems sensible on its face (Score 1) 151

Just from the broad strokes painted in the summary, this seems like a good idea and a good piece of legislation for Americans. Seems to even include the sorely lacking bit of common sense, which is so often absent in legislation these days.

Given the amount of common sense and overall good it would do, my guess is this bill will never pass.

Comment Re:Only $24,999? (Score 1) 199

I understand the thinking on the difference of $4.95 and $5, or even the difference in gas being $3.0999 instead of $3.10.

But we're talking about $25,000 dollars. Those who have the money to spend that much probably aren't all that concerned about $1. I just found it funny.

Comment Only $24,999? (Score 1) 199

I think it's funny how this is listed at $24,999, as if someone is going to say "Well, $25,000 is simply too much, take a dollar off and I'll consider it". :-)

Otherwise, this is pretty cool stuff. If I had the money, I'd be on this immediately, even though I never played SNES. And yes, I'm aware that most people here are probably saying the same thing. I just wanted to be clear I wasn't being an ass about the price tag.

Comment Something doesn't make sense to me... (Score 1) 124

According to the article attached to the summary, the way Weev accessed this information was typing in publicly accessible URLs. If that's the case, how in the world can he possibly be prosecuted for accessing a public website?

Something seems to be missing here. I'm guessing there's more to this story than what is written in the article.

Comment Redundant Much? (Score 1) 114

So the project aims to create a tablet that will let you run Linux...or another, and more polished, version of Linux?

If it's just about having a more free platform than Android, why bother taking up storage space by putting Android on there? Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems like a waste of time and money.

Comment Re:reflects well (Score 1) 1223

If that's the case, then clearly Romney's position is that Genachowski is a socialist, and Romney believes in closed standards and closed access. Romney also feels very strongly on FOSS vs. commercial.

(My comment was more mocking the tone of elections, where the challenger seems to stand for everything the opposite of his opponent.)

Comment Why bother passing job legislation? (Score 2) 326

I think it's funny how so many columnists and "experts" have basically said this Congress won't do anything until after the election, and yet one of the few things they DID decide to do (the House at least) was extend the ability of the government to spy on American citizens.

Sometimes I just don't know what's worse, when Republicans and Democrats disagree leading to gridlock, or...when they agree. Hard to say really.

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