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Comment AMD = case study in good engineering, bad biz dev (Score 1) 188

Recall when AMD first had 64bit support and intel was still doing *EMULATED* 32bit. AMD was hands down the best option. Either AMD biz dev was bad, or Intel biz dev was good (illegal?), or both. I suspect it was both. Having one CPU maker is bad for everyone. Long live AMD, I guess.

Comment Re:you have the source (Score 1) 566

How would they detect any shared properties?

Perhaps Covariance analysis? (mutual information, pearson, svd, etc).

Input: 3 data streams A,B,C each which are not truly random
Correlate: A&B, A&C, B&C
Subproblems: given A&B predict C
Subproblems: given A&C predict B
Subproblems: given B&C predict A

NSA has mathematicians better than I, for sure. My guess is that if an agency has altered an RNG then they have done so in a way that is systematic. These kinds of problems are common in analysis of complex systems -- given three non random variables with characteristic variance can you predict the output variable from the covariance? I dont think I could, but it seems feasible to me that the NSA could.

Comment Re:Here's your debate (Score 1) 566

NSA employs more mathematicians than anyone.
NSA uses linux for their data farms.
NSA is a code breaking agency.
NSA has worked with many tech companies, from wintel to google, stellar wind to TIA, etc, etc.

Occam's razor: which is more likely?
A) NSA worked with intel to provide a known hardware key OR
B) NSA did not work with Intel and chose instead to work with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Verizon, ISPs, etc, etc, etc

A is more likely.

Comment Re:you have the source (Score 1) 566

Entropy + mutual distrust = security
I would have never thought
MSS+KGB+NSA = privacy IFF every agency provides a mutually distrusted hardware key

But is this mathematically true? (honest question)
Shannon entropy also applies to mutual information
, which formally includes joint entropy, eg...."detecting when values change together".
If these same agencies were able to detect any shared properties (such as joint entropy), the encryption would be EASIER to break, not harder.

Comment Doesn't this give EFF standing to sue? (Score 1) 225

Previous court cases were thrown out because no one could prove they were being spied on. PERFECT ! Either: A) FBI can install equipment using by citing authorizations which gives ISPs and customers grounds to sue ...or... A) FBI cannot install equipment because they have cited no authorization to do so. SO which is it FBI? Are you, or are you not installing equipment? ** Fuck sports. GO TEAM EFF !!!! **

Comment Aaron Swartz did a routine thing, journals knew it (Score 2) 67

As an NLP Bioinformatics guy, I believe the real crime Aaron Swartz committed was being in the news.

He isn't the first to have that dataset and he wont be the last.
We write papers using massive NLP scans of publications rather routinely.

Most of the time, the papers are downloaded from PubMed (public funded) so they can't even complain about bandwidth costs, etc.

For anyone who didn't know already, most subscription Publishers don't **DO** anything.
They are only slightly better than patent trolls, and in some cases, worse.

Comment Re:What would they come back to? (Score 2) 260

After their comeback, they will ___________. Their focus is on ___________.

After their comeback, they will HIRE Time Berners Lee. Their focus is on the Semantic Web.

Why would the inventor of the WWW work for Yahoo?
Because you give him ALL the resources to make his dream a coherent reality.

Long shot for sure, but its what I would do.

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