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Comment Re:What would they come back to? (Score 2) 260

After their comeback, they will ___________. Their focus is on ___________.

After their comeback, they will HIRE Time Berners Lee. Their focus is on the Semantic Web.

Why would the inventor of the WWW work for Yahoo?
Because you give him ALL the resources to make his dream a coherent reality.

Long shot for sure, but its what I would do.

Comment Re:It's only been 40 years since Nixon (Score 1) 248

The "Too Big To Jail" story is the greatest threat to democracy and world stability. If we come crashing down, it will be banks not terrorists. Honestly, I consider banks to be more hostile to me than terrorists. Truly -- I mean that. Terrorists bomb you when you spend a decade in their country installing puppets. Banks do it to their own neighbors for the thrill of success. That's much more hostile, IMHO.

Comment Re:easy answer FTFY (Score 1) 173

"Any scientist these days is going to have to be proficient with computers and analyzing data" IAMA phd bioinformatics person with a CS background and love for math. The biological problems are increasingly requiring graduate level math and computer science training, for example gene network analysis, biological structure and binding prediction, and bayesian analyses, to name a few. While the biology is obviously not simple, it can be more easily learned as "on the fly" (though this is still very difficult). Why? Because biology is more QUALITATIVE and computer science/math is more QUANTITATIVE. FWIW, 1 opinion + 1 more = 1.

Comment sudo chown (Score 1) 102

winners and losers alike are seeking the "sudo chown" permission through a social hack of federal regulators. These frequency and scale of these vulnerabilities have increased as the patent system has expanded in both size and complexity. Federal regulators with current sudo privileges (trusted system administrators) are divided as to which GRP to assign. Since both democrats or republicans owe their elections to many groups, the CHOWN assignment is not straightforward. As 2012 election deadline approaches, system administrators are quickly hoping to wrap up the issue. Since none of the admins understand how "sudo chown" actually works, the argument has been reframed into terms that everyone understands "job creation". Some admins are now pushing FOR "job creation", while others are AGAINST "job creation". This report follows on the heals of HR 1981, wherein some House members are "for child pornography" while others are "against". Booing is boring so here is the alternative: LABEL THE BILLS WHAT THEY ACTUALLY ARE.

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