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Comment Re:"Who cares" level of password (Score 2) 102

Does the site offer/store anything that would be worth the effort of creating a password worth caring about?

As a CSDN user, I'd say : No.

Still, it doesn't prevent millions of users, who are too 'busy' to even bother use a dummy password, from actually using their main passwords (web banking, email etc.) on the AD riddled forum.

Comment Re:I've never understood clear text passwords (Score 2, Informative) 102

It's sooooo easy to md5 a password before doing anything with it. md5 it in javascript and never bother collecting the clear text, is it the most secure ever? probably not. Is it a billion times better than cleartext and unbelievably easy? Yes.

Actually, doing MD5 on a client side script is severe no-no if it were the only form of authentication. A hacker could simply run a script running through all 16^32 possiblities of the MD5 hash instead of the almost infinite possiblities of the original password. Doing a client side MD5 actually weakens many passwords instead of strenthening them. You're left with something around an 18 character alpha-numeric-symbol password - no matter how long or difficult your original password was.

Comment Re:Adobe screwed up big time.. (Score 1) 129

A big +1 to this, Flash player should have been open sourced a long time ago. Opening it up allows HTML5 to adapt to possibly better technology and with sources platform manufactures can create optimized code and probably solve the power issue in mobile devices. It's a win-win solution and flash already doesn't earn money from the plugin. It won't hurt their profits. On the problems, I can only think of possible problems with rights management as they might be implemented differently if the plugin were open-sourced and possibly unreliably or even compromise content. Maybe they should do it like Chrome and Chromium with DRM protection only avaliable in non-open source versions.

Submission + - Study: Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQ (

fysdt writes: "Users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser have lower IQ than their counterparts who use other browsers, a study from a web consulting firm reveals.

According to a large study conducted by Vancouver, Canada-based AptiQuant, those who use the Internet Explorer web browser scored lower in an IQ test they conducted.

The large study which involved 100,000 participants says Internet Explorer users scored lower than average in the IQ test."


Submission + - Chinese Facebook App XSS Leak Unfixed (

An anonymous reader writes: Chinese social networking site has long been known as being a cheap clone of the famous Facebook site.Recently, a small hobbist group has found a leak on one of the onsite apps that allow any HTML injection. Scripts injected inside the App could have easy access to users' private cookies and data.
Upon discovery, the exploit has been reported to the App's manager but 48 hours have passed and still no effort to fix the issue from either Renren or the App's manager has been made. It is estimated that at least 1,264,000 users are affected by this exploit.
Just goes to show you what China quality software is and their initiative to fix their problems.

The Military

Submission + - Lockheed Experimental Blimp crashes in PA (

An anonymous reader writes: Lockheed Martin launched and experimental Airship on Wednesday morning in Akron,OH. It ascended to 30,0000 feet and the an anomaly occurred and the plan mission to go to 60,0000 feet was aborted. It crashed in a wooded area south of Pittsburgh and then caught on fire a few days later

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