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Comment Re:Microsoft is right (Score -1) 373

Microsoft, ever the hypocrites.

hypocrisy is a common trait in dominant positions, often a means to perpetuate preception of dominance or some sort of authority among uninformed folks, thus a despicable practice that always should be debunked.

however, since ms has long ago lost its dominance in the field this is just laughable (yep, bizarre, funny, ironic, you might add pathetic), and it strikes me that sucha a laughable claim can earn a whole thread of informed (!?) people debating about a shitty browser they otherwise really wouldn't care about. well, that's the genius and true talent of bill gates: social engineering! :-)

Comment no (Score -1) 878

these substances reduce concentration. however, they may let you unlock ideas or thoughts you propably wouldn't have stumbled upon otherwise. these ideas may be brilliant or terrible. and of course they may change your mood, for better or worse. it totally depends on the substance, the circunstances and the subject. there is no meaningful answer for this stupid question, apart from another question: can you now pass the joint, please?

Comment Re:Again. The problem runs far deeper (Score -1) 221

Let's even assume they actually made those frickin' useless boxes secure, which they didn't, with this standard.

this intended standard has absolutely nothing to do with securing any boxes whatsoever. ffs, it's just a data interchange format, a data model for an electoral domain. this is a nice-to-have even if you never get to actually implement electronic voting. there is a lot of electronic information processing involved in any paper only election.

as for the (offtopic) discussion, the difference between paper and electronic voting is essentialy a degree of trust, and this is a very subjective matter. they're just processes and tools, what's important is that they are applied in a transparent and verifiable way. verifiable, open electronic voting is indeed possible and has already been done. but trust is a quite fragile subject.

for me it really doesn't matter: it's not the voting process what i would like to have scrutinized the most, but what the guys actually do once they get elected. and if they don't hold promises, i'd want them sacked immediately. now that would be innovating democracy.

Comment Re:There's a good dog (Score -1) 242

just because "the people" want something doesn't mean the government will listen.

The point I was trying to make is just because the people want it doesn't mean it's right...

they point of democracy isn't doing what is "right", but letting the people decide what to do.

goverrnments in our pseudo/fake democracies don't get it right either. they just define "right" as it suits the powerful, voilà.

if people is not listened to, then it's just no democracy. we'll just have to educate people (the post you reply to contains some valid proposals in that respect)

Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score -1) 318

How many steps does it take in your DE of choice?

most DE allow configurable keyboard shortcuts, some even provide a default one for terminals. it's "modkey" (that's the windows logo key :D) + "return" for me.

I guess if someone actually has to locate and click an icon or navigate a menu just to pop a terminal, he probably doesn't use terminals very often, so "access cost" would hardly be an issue for him. what this user probably wants, provided he can have his favorite most used apps handy somewhere, is an uniform access method for everything else. a search panel isn't really such a bad idea for that. for an intensive user, however, it's just unnecessary bloat, he already knows what he's looking for.

bytheway, you may check this out:
side effect: very high chance to win a beatific smile(tm) to wear while browsing gnome/unity threads!

Comment Re:Gridlocked spine? (Score -1) 438

but we live in a society that is at the end of a technical and structural curve, it is so invested in the past, that the future is basically being declared useless.

care to elaborate? because i find this statement pretty appealing but didn't actually understand shit.
googling "structural curve" was of little help.

Comment Re:turn it off? (Score -1) 247

Or it shows that I don't trust the OS whether updated or not and have a hardware firewall and third party security software.

interesting ... so you trust your third party security software? and your harware firewall, really?

And use a version of Windows that doesn't try to call home or have IE embedded so deeply in it.

and you believe in unicorns, too. IE has been unresectable from windows ever since, starting at 2.0/win 3.11 when they started the whole COM idiocy ... up to this day.

Maybe having been online for over 20 years and never having a malware infection implies I actually have a clue.

it means you actually have a clue regarding healthy network/web habits. your seemingly blind faith on third party "security" software or firmware is still naive. you might as well just have been lucky. regarding the IE/win relation no, there you obviously haven't (a clue).

(Or maybe I'm just too dumb to realise how much malware is on my PC, feel free to believe that if it helps you to feel superior.)

Comment Re:Make it illegal (Score 0) 1199

You do realize that there are medical studies that refute exactly what you're saying? That have found that secondhand smoke is indeed a threat particularly to the very young? While what you say might sound like common sense to you there have been studies that have found that your assertions are just plain wrong. Surely you are aware of this right? It's not like the dangers aren't spoken about in tv ads and in warning labels....

you do realize that this is utter bullshit?

you do realize that at a time there were also "medical studies" that "proved" that tobbacco smoking was harmless, even healthy? and you still believe a thing of what those those dickheads say?

anyhow, if you folks in US are OK with your lifes being totally controlled up to the ridiculous paranoia level ... so be it. it's your life. TFA seems utter idiocy to me, like some sort of dystopian novel. however the handfull of comments I've got to read ... are sad and scary. long live the american way of life and have a happy thanksgiving zombie day, I guess.

Comment so ... (Score 0) 488

you can simply load JavaScript code and run it.

.. they don't really replace javascript. they just offer the usual new crap but make it compatible with javascript, maybe because they by now make the sound assumption that otherwise nobody would give a crap on their new crap.

well, i don't give a crap anyways, thanks.

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