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Comment come on (Score 1) 617

David Gerard writes

"Here in the future, musicians and record companies complain they can't make a living any more. The problem isn't piracy — it's competition. There is too much music and too many musicians, and the amateurs are often good enough for the public. This is healthy for culture, not so much for aesthetics, and terrible for musicians.

This means art becomes entirely a folk enterprise: the sound of the culture talking amongst itself. This is lovely in its way, but all a bit fucked if you aspire to higher quality in your subcultural group.

The market is not perfectly efficient.

The problem then is not genius works, but finding, and making, them in your chosen aesthetic vocabulary

really, i was gonna say "cry me a river" and move on but, after a closer look ... this is not a hoax, right? what a continued display of retardeness!!! such idiotic people actually do exist and they write on the internets. is that news?

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 189

Too late, as in 'look at C#'

Java had a problem with the JCP not working, then the Sun to Oracle transition, and Apache getting elbowed out. It's a miracle a new version even came out in the first place.

C# never had a community process to worry about, and moved forward all the time. It has had closures, lambdas, function points etc. for quite a while now.

the availability of fancy code constructs (like closures and lambdas) is the last concern when it comes to choosing a software development platform. they may be a "nice to have" but what you want to priotitize is reliability, efficience, maintainability, stability, availability of tools, that sort of things.

and of course platform indpendence. so what has c# to do with this at all? it isn't even an option if you value platform independence. parent cited groovy and scala. well, there you have some fancyness that you can get for free *on top* of java, while all the pros and advantages of the java platform still apply. it's a different issue where it really just comes down to perceived language fancyness. opinionism, if you ask me, but everything else is the same.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 189

Jvm/core libraries updates are very welcome - but the language level changes are just too late.

too young to die but too old to java? late for what?

If somebody can run cutting edge, (s)he probably long time ago switched to Groovy (http://groovy.codehaus.org/), Scala (http://www.scala-lang.org/) or Xtend (http://www.eclipse.org/xtend/).

which are java emmiters ... so what's your point? you seem to sugest that while it's ok for you to "cut edge" thanks to some platform, it's not ok for that same platform to "cut edge" too? why? if you are worried about competition, don't: it's oracle! let them do their thing. they'll be around for a while anyway.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 1) 191

i'd argue that the sample is too specific. you don't really need extra commited support at the database implementation level unless you have very strong mission critical requirements, and that's the exception, not the norm.

oss enterprise solutions are that much mature already, most business routinely run oss databases, appservers, reporting and developement tools and even operating systems without incurring in extra support cost. if you really need id, it's there, and of course it will be expensive, because it implies commitment. (just with oss you don't have an agent calling you every other month to tell you how desperately you need it).

Comment Re:This is surprising why? (Score 2) 191

That may be true, but if people are working for free, the project can suffer from an inadequate amount of labor and the existing workers might have trouble getting stuff done in addition to their day job.

this does happen in medium-big software companies too. not because of lack of resources, but because of poor management or just because "existing workers might have trouble getting stuff done *right* because of 'other priorities' ".

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 2) 191

[Citation Needed]. Among industry watchers the two most popular RDBMS systems are considered to be Oracle and Microsoft's SQL Server. MySQL is in the same ballpark, but it certainly doesn't have a large lead.

well, in terms of price/performance ratio mysql/mariaDB simply cannot be beaten :D

bytheway, as someone who grew up in engineering using db2, I can tell you oracle and sqlserver are two steaming piles of expensive crap. if you use them, you are doing it wrong, you should look for more value for your money.

Comment Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 292

You can basically do encrypted file storage.

cool, because that's everything i would ever want do in the cloud.

all the useful features we have in a Gmail session need to awkwardly and inefficiently be re-implemented on the client side.

i'm lost. what features? and what's wrong with client side implementation of them?

Comment Re:Hormone therapy? (Score 1) 784

Think it's in part because, prison rape/all rape is generally bad

a prisoner makes for a bad victim because he's already a stigmatized subject, a social reject. a femenine victim has much more emotional impact, even though the act is totally equivalent. also, you should note that these kind of jokes are mostly a male phenomenon, and that's basically just defensive projection of fear (of social rejection, mostly, maybe even self disorientation). sorry for taking away credit of "north american culture" for this, but this is basically a "macho" issue, which sadly is a pervasive trait in cultures all around the planet.

and I am also convinced that humor and jokes are the best path to criticism, discovery and knowledge, and that there should be no taboos. but sorry that's not the case with the average prison-rape or soap joke. there's no intelligent process nor reflection there to witness. it's just plain fear and social cliche.

Comment Re:Windows 8 woohoo! (Score 1) 210

Besides, quality is usually pretty unrelated to code (other than some cases of performance).

sorry, what?

if there's code to run in something, the quality of that code directly determines the quality of that, whatever it is. sure there's much more than just code to quality, but with shitty code you guarantee yourself have a shitty product for any reasonable(?) interpretation of quality.

what actually is often pretty unrelated to quality is commercial success.

Comment Re:Update the constitution (Score 1) 426

The UK agencies taught the US agencies how to decode German messages

just as a sidenote, it was the royal navy, actually, who savaged enigma machines and codebooks from subs. prior to that the folks at BP were completely lost, they couldn't crack shit (obviously, because the crypto was actually quite imrpessing for the time) and were considered just a bunch of useless weird nerds by high command. from there on, with something to get started with, taken seriously and with proper funding, they started rolling things out.

there is some pararllelism in looting subs and seizing laptops. both are variations of the $5 wrench attack.

the difference, though, is that the raided subs were commanded by a terrorist and totalitarian state in open war, whereas the stolen laptop was the property of civillians trying to expose terrorist and totalitarian states. see now what has happened to our world?

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