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Comment I really think people are stupid (Score 1) 292

This is stupid, it is impossible to publish anything that wont offend someone, and if you replace it with something else, that is sure to offend yet someone else. Italy may as well shut down the net.... I honestly think this tops the chart on retarded ideas... People need to get a grip, it is not possible to have a world that will not show you some offense somewhere, as others have different views and personalities...

Comment Ignorant Dumbasses (Score 1) 624

This never works.. just try it and watch what the rest of the country does to them. If anyone in office is ignorant or dumb enough to try this they should be immediately thrown out of office for violating the 1st and attempting to corrupt laws that we have in place they should not lay fingers on... They should be lucky to consider themselves in office... etc... If a party doesnt like the Bill or constitution, they should be reconstructed.

Comment and we wonder where the jobs are... (Score 1) 496

WE build robots to do work... then we build robots to build the robots that do the work... Then the robots take all of the work... And we wonder why we have no jobs and lots of unemployment... Maybe I should buy a share in a working robot and earn a dollar for every so many it makes... that way I can still have an income.

Comment Re:Stop this BS (Score 2) 222

Holy shit Im gonna have a heart attack.. I thought I was the only person on earth who thought this same thing.... Someone needs to put their foot down on these companies, they are all using similar tactics to make a system that is owned by a few companies, but act like a single monopoly by sharing the same bad ideas. No one will step up though.. it would be nice but everyone thinks someone else will do it or its not worth it..... I just need power to do it..

Comment what next... (Score 1) 116

I wonder how the companies with these ridiculous caps will promote the next technology... "blaze through your data cap in no time with our new technology..." I always argued that data caps would become a problem, and made room for companies to put users in a tight spot and charge them more money... now its going to start to show as things progress from here. I still believe that any company promoting high speeds with data caps should be regulated and forced to follow strict pricing guidelines.. of course that will never happen... if you cant support a network at speeds you claim uncapped, or at least more reasonably, then you just shouldn't offer it.

Comment I knew it... (Score 1) 1

I saw this coming months ago when they started acting funny with the data caps..... There should be some kind of regulation the restricts what a wireless or any company limited by bandwidth can do if they place a cap on their accounts.. the restrictions should be based on the cap and cost of the plan. That would help throw a stick in their already crooked wheels.

Comment Hmmm.. (Score 1) 3

Cost.. I am not worried about radioactive.. a lot of medical items are radio active.. so are bananas... Cost is the issue... When I buy the car will I have to pay the equivelent of 7,500 gallons of gas per gram of thorium? What kind of mechanic would we need to fix it if it broke down? Would it be reliable? ok, so one radioactive concern.. what if you wreck the car... will we have a miniature radioactive fallout? Just a few of several questions...
I do like the idea; however, provided that it won't break the bank.

Comment My point... (Score 1) 1

The Attitude thing is a large part of my dislike for the company... Don't touch me, everything is proprietary so everything costs 2x as much etc.. but it looks cool. I also like #3 Bully tactics... pretty obvious where that applies today. I can give them credit on some things, like not being microsoft.. but that doesn't fix the other issues. They have money and power now, but having the wrong attitude and change that over time.

Comment The Bad Apple (Score 1) 181

As i said in a previous articles post... At first I just was not an apple fan.. now I truly HATE apple. Take your crap somewhere else. You feel so threatened by Android you are running trying to get your mommy to fix it. Just eat this apple and poo it out... I hope the day comes - again - and you have the same thing happen to you, then go bankrupt for your atrocities. Btw I claim the rectangle... I remember drawing it on paper when I was a kid... and my mother still has the blueprints!

Comment wellll.... (Score 1) 1

I do not see a way totally around this, regardless, there will be ways to cause some havoc or some other problem will prevail.. creating a secure radio that is not going to be really expensive, or be user friendly enough for the less advanced users to use is a bit of a stretch. Even if we did.. give it a few years and someone will figure it out with another toy....

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1.This device may not cause harmful interference, and
2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Those two alone seem to sum up both sides of the issue...

I am really split on this one... yes I do not think peoples personal info should be spilled onto unencrypted airways... yet also, i do not think the police or any government offier should have a closed communications network... the fact that something is monitored outside the area it is used helps prevent corrupt or inapropriate communications (outside of personal info transmissions)

Comment Re:i dont see it (Score 1) 317

Another way to look at this...
If you are the Mail server operator and the company you work for does something to upset a lot of people, just to have them send you tons of emails... (even though they were asked to by the union they worked for).. whos fault is that? well if your company did not make the decision they did, then you would not have received an overload of emails, hence it was your companies fault...
The same would apply regardless if it were a person, union, corporation, government, grandma, whoever... If you do not want a problem, don't start one. simple enough.....

Comment Re:i dont see it (Score 1) 317

LOL Ok well lets go ahead and force all mail server operators to have to accept any outrageous amount of incoming mail.... Please do not send emails and call excessively just because you can not handle that! Don't complain excessively when we ignore your plea.
I gurantee you if you had an issue with something you seriously disagreed with you are not going to sit on ur butt waiting for something to happen, you are going to get yourself noticed however possible...
If you don't like running a mail server... quit getting paid for it and do something else.

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