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Comment Re:Keynesian? (Score 1) 601

China was not in a recession in the 1990's. Do you not even know what a recession is?

You gave China as an example of a country that had used austerity to get out of a recession, but China wasn't in a recession. Not recently and not in the 1990's. Do you even comprehend that a country that is not in a recession can not use austerity to get out of a recession? This is like arguing with a retarded dude who is on angel dust.

Germany IS currently "slipping to malaise of the rest of the west" as you so eloquently put it. It grew at 0.1% last quarter which is a rounding error away from a recession. It was growing at 2% a year in the summer of 2010. Then it implemented austerity measures. Now it is near a recession. Do you comprehend that a country that isn't in a recession that implements austerity measures and then is near a recession isn't an example of using austerity to get out of a recession?

Fucking idiot.

Krugman could have predicted what would happen to Germany. I think he did, actually.

Comment Re:Keynesian? (Score 0) 601

You are an idiot.

Shrinking government spending (while deregulating private activity) caused a boom in China.

China did not shrink government spending. It massively increased spending in 2009 when its economy began to slow down. It also was not in a recession, it was growing by at least 6% a year throughout the world economic crisis. So you are citing non-existent Chinese austerity to claim that a boom in China, which wasn't in a recession, is evidence that austerity has gotten someone out of a recession. That is idiotic. You are an idiot. Anyone who thinks anything you are saying makes any sense at all is an idiot.

As for Germany, it implemented austerity measures a year ago, after it had seen its GDP growth go from negative to around 2%. After it adopted the austerity measures, when it was not in a recession, its GDP growth trended down and last quarter it grew at a rate of only 0.1%, which is almost a recessionary level. So you point to austerity measures that have gotten a country close to being in a recession as evidence that austerity has gotten someone out of a recession. That is an idiotic argument. You are an idiot.

Comment Re:Nahhh... Never Happen (Score 1) 685

Yes, people still use vacuum tubes, typewriters, vinyl records, CRT's, and incandescent lightbulbs. But I'd argue that with the exception of lightbulbs, they're all seeing dramatically reduced usage these days.

VINYL SALES up 55% in first half of 2011
The UK numbers follow hot on the heels of figures from Nielsen which showed vinyl sales up 41% in the US in the same period.

2010 marked the fourth successive year of growth in vinyl album sales in the UK.


30 to 50% sales growth for half a decade isn't what I would call a dramatic reduction.

And that's just new sales. Vinyl lasts for generations, it's not going away any time soon.

Comment Re:I'm sure they're (Score 1) 608

The leaders of every government on earth are the literal embodiment of Orwell's Animal Farm. What is it when the US government praises Press Freedom Day while at the same time leaders of that government are calling for the assassination of a particularly inconvenient member of the press? Every government on earth. Real change starts at home.

Comment Re:The reason is? (Score 1) 431

256kbps mp3 is very close to CD quality. On truly top of the line equipment you (and by you, I mean an audiophile, not a ranting idiot) might be able to tell the difference.

From the wired article:

Although CDs have a wider dynamic range, mastering houses are often encouraged to compress the audio on CDs to make it as loud as possible: It's the so-called loudness war. Since the audio on vinyl can't be compressed to such extremes, records generally offer a more nuanced sound.

The music you download is going to be mastered the same crappy way that CDs are. As for the belief that:

No, this is opinion. Please look up fact and opinion in a dictionary. An unqualified "better" is factually meaninless (sic) without criteria to back it up.

The belief that quality is everywhere and always subjective is cheap nihilism of the grade school variety.

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