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Google Terminates Six Services 195

Jonah Bomber writes with this excerpt from Information Week: "In addition to Google's announcements about the elimination of 100 recruiting positions and the shutdown of offices in Austin, Texas; Trondheim, Norway; and Lulea, Sweden, the company said it would close Dodgeball, Google Catalog Search, Google Mashup Editor, Google Notebook, and Jaiku. It also said it's discontinuing the ability to upload videos to Google Video. ... Jaiku, however, will live on as an open source project. Gundotra said that Google engineers have been porting the microblogging service to Google App Engine and that when the migration is completed, the company plans to make the code available under the Apache license."

Comment almost Houston.... (Score 1) 325

for what its worth...
I think the URL for the class in question is here ttech.htm
From what I can tell the description of the prereq 'entrance exam' is here

it says

"...designed to ensure that students starting this technical curriculum have the necessary prequesite skills and can navigate effectively in a DOS and Windows environment. The exam consists of 25 questions on DOS and 25 questions on Windows."

Sure sounds like making sure you can use your mouse type stuff.

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