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Submission + - Earthquakes Related to Fracking Close Ohio Oil Wel (

Frosty Piss writes: State leaders have ordered that four fluid-injection wells ("fracking") in eastern Ohio will be indefinitely prohibited from opening in the aftermath of heightened seismic activity in the area, an official said. A 4.0-magnitude quake struck Saturday afternoon near several wells that use "fracking" the release oil deposits. It was the 11th in a series of minor earthquakes in the area.

Submission + - Options to Replace a GoDaddy Dedicated Server 2

An anonymous reader writes: With the recent flip-flopping of GoDaddy supporting SOPA, then not (in addition to other's complaints regarding GoDaddy), I have finally decided it is time to take my domains and hosting elsewhere... again.

In the past, I have attempted to move my sites elsewhere, but found that only virtual servers were available for the same price (this was a couple years ago). I tried a few, but found that my disk I/O requirements were in excess of what a shared system could provide--the site is heavily dependent on multiple databases, with 150k+ queries per day.

Here is what I found my minimum requirements are through the 8 years I've hosted these sites:
-Linux OS
-Core 2 Duo processor
-250GB Storage (dedicated)
-500GB Monthly Bandwidth
-20GB Remote Backup Storage
-2 IP Addresses
-Less than $130/mo
-No need for a control panel (I am comfortable with remote terminal sessions with ssh)

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Comment Re:They are recommending it because of what you as (Score 1) 356

You ALSO said you wanted good terminal software. As mentioned, the iPad has a TON of SSH and VNC choices. It also has good keyboard support, with a number of third party keyboard cases...

That is only an arguement for iPad, if the same is not true of android. Android also has tons of ssh and VNC clients (though I don't care about VNC, and never implied that I did).

Jailbreak it and you have just as much freedom. More really, since it's easier to hack than Android.

Really? Have you ever hacked an android device? Did you find it hard to do? I have hacked every android device I've ever owned, its not really hard if you know what you are doing, and I do.

Comment Re:An iPad 2 would be the best choice. (Score 1) 356

You don't even need to use iTunes to manage it now with the release of iOS 5.0.

I'm not sure how true that is. My sister got an iPad 2 for x-mass, and it took her hours on the phone with apple tech support, and ultimately a trip to the apple store to get the thing to work without having connected it to a computer with iTunes.

Second, I'm not sure that this qulaifies as being a "platform snob". I don't want an iPad because I don't like iOS. As I said, I have an iPhone and I don't like it. That is not because I am against apple, as I also stated, I recomend Apple products to friends and family, it is just not for me. I think it is short sited of you to assume that because I don't like apple products (which the majority of the world does like) that the only explanation is that I am prejudice.

Do you see me calling myself .NETSith, .NETJedi or JEDI.NET? No. If you lost your job at slashdot right now and you came looking for work at my employer, they would not hire you. First of all, PERL is a dying language and second of all, we don't tolerate platform or language zealots. I use the tools at work that I have at my disposal and we use the languages that are the best for the job. Sometimes we have to use Java or Python to integrate with off the shelf software

If I lost my job at slashdot, I'd get another job. There are lots of shops that use perl. Barracuda, Arbor Networks, Amazon, ePrize, and TicketMaster to name a few off the top of my head.

Comment Re:An iPad 2 would be the best choice. (Score 4, Insightful) 356

you have linux then I assume that you also have a windows partition since linux also has few "commercial" apps available for it.

You are incorrect in that assumption. I do not have any hardware in my possession running windows. The only thing that I cannot do with linux that I might want to is playing video games, and I have a cell phone, and a wii (and soon an android tablet) for playing games on.

Frankly I am disappointed that so many people recomend I get and iPad when the OP specified that I want an ANDROID tablet. Just because the iPad is popular, doesn't mean that it is right for everyone. I also have an iPhone that my company bought me, but I don't use it because I like my android phone much much better. I also have a Macbook pro that my company provided, but I am typing this from my personal laptop running Fedora 15 because I like it more than the Mac.

Bottom Line: Apple makes some good products, and I recomend them to everyone that is content using the product in exactly the way the manufacturer intended, and do not need to customize things. But for me, a hacker/maker/tinkerer, I will much rather use android because it gives me the freedom to do all of the things I want to do with my hardware.


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Android Tablet (

PerlJedi writes: "I am planing a long trip (to Ireland), and want to buy an android tablet to take along for the trip. I am a software engineer (I actually work for slashdot), a linux geek, and an android fan. I would like to get a tablet primarily to use for entertainment (when I'm not working or building robots in my workshop, I'm usually playing with my phone), but something I could get some work done from in a pinch would be a major plus (all I need to be able to work is a web browser, and an ssh terminal, preferably with a keyboard). My current cell phone is the Samsung Charge, rooted running GummyCharge 2.1, and it is a good bet I'll want to root whatever tablet I get, if not right away, soon after getting it. From an entertainment standpoint I want something that is large enough to watch high definition videos on, with a battery life that will make it pratical for use on a long flight. Having a decent camera would be a nice plus, but is not an absolute nessicity. Having a forward facing camera for video chat would also be good, but is also not a nicessity. My brief initial search has yielded the following initial conteders:
  • Asus Transformer Prime
    This is currently my favorite, for a few reasons: Tegra 3 quad core processor (that's just plane cool); Its designed with a docking station in mind, making it perfect for using for work; Sleek thin design; light weight; available with up to 64 GB. It is on the pricey side though.
  • Toshiba Thrive
    I must admit, I know very little about this one. Unlike the others, I have not heard much hype around it. From what I've read thus far, pros include: full size SD slot; full USB support; Full HDMI support. Cons: Bulkier and heavier than its opponents.
  • Motorola XOOM
    This one has been available for some time, which can be both good and bad. Its problems should be known, and understood by now, but its lost some of the sex appeal of the new product.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
    The Galaxy tab line has also been on the market for a while. It does have some added appeal to me because my phone is also from samsung, so the rooting processes, and available ROM's will be more familiar to me.
  • Sony Tablet S
    Like the Toshiba, I have heard less hype about this tablet. Its feature set also seems similar to the toshiba. I must admit here, I may be a bit biased against sony over some of their recent treatment of the hacker/maker community.


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Android tablet (

PerlJedi writes: "I am planing a long trip, and want to buy and android tablet to take along for the trip. I am a software engineer, a linux geek, and an android fan. I would like to get a tablet primarily to use for entertainment, but something I could get some work done from in a pinch would be a major plus. I am currently leaning towards the Asus Eee Pad Transformer because with the doc I could use it for work, though I suppose I could just as easily get a bluetooth keyboard for any of the others. Currently in the running:
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer
  • Toshiba Thrive
  • Motorola XOOM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Sony Tablet S


Submission + - Stephen Hawking Needs Help From Slashdotters! (

Tokolosh writes: It appears that Stephen Hawking's hardware and software is crufty. He is looking for someone to maintain it.

Wouldn't it be better for the great minds and talent of Slashdot to create an entirely new system, one that would be cheaper, more efficient, easier to maintain, and more importantly, easier to use?

Comment Re:Solar is the only real hope (Score 2) 230

Let me preface this by saying: "I am not a physicist." (If I am completely off base, or even just mis-informed or misunderstand, please explain, I like to learn).

It seems obvious to me that given the laws of thermodynamics as I understand them, that solar power is ultimately the only source of power that we know we will not exhaust. The amount of energy on earth is finite. We are constantly losing energy to space (mostly via heat and light), while simultaneously taking in energy in the form of radiation from stars (the vast majority of it coming from the sun). That all tells me that regardless of how we are getting the energy, it has to come from the sun. In fact even the energy we get from burning of fossil fuels, in a way came from the sun, just a really really long time ago (therefore making the burning of fossil fuels incredibly inefficient in the grand scheme.

Submission + - Amazon Silk revisited: Is it fast(er) yet? (

MrSeb writes: "When the Kindle Fire came out last month, one of the biggest disappointments users had was that Amazon’s promise of “ultra-fast web browsing” seemed to be all talk. In our original testing, almost exactly one month ago, we found that Silk was actually slower going through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers than just connecting to the web directly. Amazon’s position on the whole thing was that Silk would get faster as the back end accumulated more data to cache and predict user behavior. We’ve now been using Silk for a month — and the results are... interesting."

Submission + - In Nuclear Power, Size Matters (

PerlJedi writes: "Most nations with nuclear power capabilities have been re-assessing the risk/benefit of nuclear power reactors following the Fukushima plant melt down, a newly released study suggests the U.S. should expand its nuclear power production using "Small Modular Reactors".

The reports assessed the economic feasibility of classical, gigawatt-scale reactors and the possible new generation of modular reactors. The latter would have a generating capacity of 600 megawatts or less, would be factory-built as modular components, and then shipped to their desired location for assembly.



Submission + - Miniature Open Source Media Center available from (

An anonymous reader writes: SolidRun Ltd. announced today the availability of CuBox, a miniature, sub 3-watt open source Android TV and media center development platform. CuBox is based on Marvell's Armada 510 System-on-Chip which integrates an ARM processor, Multi Format video decoding engines, openGL|ES Graphics and a variety of user interfaces.
The new product from SolidRun is mostly targeting open source developers interested in Android and Media centric applications. Although the platform is more than able to perform other intensive processing tasks. SolidRun provides a support system which includes OS distributions, Software Development Kits, Forums, etc...
Visit the company site at for more information.


Submission + - 'Nitro' Attackers Pose as Symantec Tech Support (

wiredmikey writes: The minds behind the Nitro attacks discovered targeting chemical companies earlier this year are at it again. But this time, they have added a new twist – they are disguising malware as an attachment from Symantec.

The emails, which portend to come from the Symantec Technical Support Department, are titled ‘Symantec Security Warning!’ and contain an attachment with a variant of Poison Ivy – the remote administration tool (RAT) which has been at the heart of the cyber-campaign since it was first detected several months ago.

The attachment itself is called “the_nitro_attackspdf.7z.” When the self-extracting executable runs, it creates a file called lsass.exe (Poison IVY) and creates a PDF file. Ironically, the PDF file is Symantec’s own document on the Nitro attacks.


Submission + - Out of Sight, Out of Mind (

PerlJedi writes: "Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have conducted a very simple study, with some surprising (or at least amusing) results about how our short term memory works.

"Sometimes, to get to the next object the participant simply walked across the room. Other times, they had to walk the same distance, but through a door into a new room. From time to time, the researchers gave them a pop quiz, asking which object was currently in their backpack. The quiz was timed so that when they walked through a doorway, they were tested right afterwards. As the title said, walking through doorways caused forgetting: Their responses were both slower and less accurate when they'd walked through a doorway into a new room than when they'd walked the same distance within the same room."


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