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Comment Re:Not just next voting bloc, it's labour costs to (Score 1) 181

This is one form of agriculture that has avoided mechanization for a long time because of the illegal labor pool. Start throwing farmers in jail and you'll find them willing to either pay reasonable wages or fork over the cash for the equipment. Besides, the illegal immigrants have moved far beyond farms. They've driving packing plant wages to half of what they used to be, make up a large number of construction workers, and are in many other industries. Given the unemployment rates, one would think the Feds would crack down on these employers. :(

Comment Re:Data caps then? (Score 1) 427

I have more of a problem with content & site filters than I do with data caps and tiered price plans. Websites are charged by the network providers based on how much traffic they use, sometimes with a data cap (often reached if the site is slashdotted), so what's wrong with something similar being applied to end users? The bandwidth hogs pay for the ability to be bandwidth hogs and (hopefully) fund infrastructure improvements. It seems reasonable to me to have ISPs (wired or wireless) classified as common carriers and having state public utility commissions watch over them to make sure they aren't screwing customers and are funding infrastructure improvements. They should be treated like all other utilities.

Comment Re:Wow! Delusional much? (Score 1) 509

What we should be doing is removing the wage cap on the collection of social security, and have it apply to all income (salary or cap gains or "profit"), while remaining revenue-neutral. That would result in lowering the rate by 40% (I think -- haven't calculated that one in a long time). So huge numbers of taxpayers get a nice break, and the tax system as a whole gets flatter.

But the payroll tax cap also imposes a benefits cap when people start receiving benefits. Do you keep the current policy of what one receives in SS benefits is proportional to what one has paid in or do you cap that and essentially turn it into a welfare program for everyone?

Comment Re:Wow! Delusional much? (Score 1) 509

Actually, as far as the income tax is concerned, they are paying more than their percentage of income. The kicker is that the rich have the freedom to choose to determine how much they are taxed. The doctor, dentist, or lawyer can turn away clients to keep income under an arbitrary level. Guys like Buffet can structure their finances so that they are taxed on capital gains instead of 'regular income'.

Comment Re:Copyright? (Score 1) 154

He doesn't have to submit the game to Palm for approval if he doesn't want to. It just won't appear in their on device app store if he doesn't. Their 'web distribution' method would still work ok and wouldn't require any sort of approval.

Comment Re:My Opinion, More BFE Buffalo Ridge Projects (Score 1) 252

I also forgot to mention that one thing that may be impacting the amount of wind farms in SD is the amount of hydroelectric power available by the four dams on the Missouri River in SD. IIRC, they already export excess power to other states, so wind power wouldn't be that much of a local benefit, but if the wind companies were able to work with the Corp of Engineers or whoever is in charge of generation at those facilities to feed into those grids, that would be a boon to those companies. Dealing with the various levels of government is probably the biggest stumbling block.

Comment Re:My Opinion, More BFE Buffalo Ridge Projects (Score 1) 252

First of all, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia all have GDP output higher than Minnesota (TN isn't far behind), so if you think that they are "not particularly rich states", then neither is MN. Western TN, MS, AL, and parts of AR & LA are as flat as MN, but don't have the amount of wind. SD has wind power companies operating along the Missouri river corridor. Hell, even Hutterite colonies are getting grants to put up wind turbines. You need to get out of MN more.

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