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Comment Re:Copyright? (Score 1) 154

He doesn't have to submit the game to Palm for approval if he doesn't want to. It just won't appear in their on device app store if he doesn't. Their 'web distribution' method would still work ok and wouldn't require any sort of approval.

Comment Re:My Opinion, More BFE Buffalo Ridge Projects (Score 1) 252

I also forgot to mention that one thing that may be impacting the amount of wind farms in SD is the amount of hydroelectric power available by the four dams on the Missouri River in SD. IIRC, they already export excess power to other states, so wind power wouldn't be that much of a local benefit, but if the wind companies were able to work with the Corp of Engineers or whoever is in charge of generation at those facilities to feed into those grids, that would be a boon to those companies. Dealing with the various levels of government is probably the biggest stumbling block.

Comment Re:My Opinion, More BFE Buffalo Ridge Projects (Score 1) 252

First of all, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia all have GDP output higher than Minnesota (TN isn't far behind), so if you think that they are "not particularly rich states", then neither is MN. Western TN, MS, AL, and parts of AR & LA are as flat as MN, but don't have the amount of wind. SD has wind power companies operating along the Missouri river corridor. Hell, even Hutterite colonies are getting grants to put up wind turbines. You need to get out of MN more.

Comment Re:Probably Wind Incentives to Companies (Score 1) 303

I'm surprised that SD isn't ranked higher than it is. According those maps, quite a bit of the area near the Missouri river and west of it would be good places for wind generator farms. I suppose they could feed into the same grids that are supplied by the four Corps of Engineer dams that are on the Missouri in that state.

Comment Re:imaging issues (Score 1) 417

I used to work at a site that archived this sort of data, so I know what types of orbits these things are flying. There already are civilian satellites that are collecting data with sensor packages that are better tailored for environmental monitoring. The computer resources used to declassify & process these images so they would be useful for these scientists is a waste of the agency's time & money when NASA & NOAA are doing the same damn thing.

Comment Re:imaging issues (Score 1) 417

It would be trivial to run the image data through a program that would average an NxN block of pixels to reduce it to the resolution available from commercial/public sector sources. But what's the point? The satellites that are a part of NASA's Earth Observing System were built for the purpose of monitoring the planet. Not to mention that the light wavelengths that are sufficient for collecting intelligence data may or may not be that useful for generating land cover/sea surface classification maps. Also, why take up valuable satellite and computer resources to track ice floes? If there is free time on those platforms, it is a failure of CIA management to properly schedule them for tasks that are a part of that agency's objectives. There are civilian agencies that are supposed to be doing that stuff. To me, this sounds more like a "feel-good" PR stunt than anything else.

Comment Re:Exploitation is the most prized product (Score 1) 944

How is paying for network bandwidth access and then being able to use it in any way I want, socialism? All companies making money via their websites (google, ebay, amazon, etc) are paying for network bandwidth and aren't 'exploiting' the ISPs, nor does regulations requiring them to remain open indicate a government take over. The people fighting net neutrality just want to create a new generation of "walled gardens" that their customers are locked into. If that was the model that people preferred, everyone would still be using AOL. If the telecommunications companies want to create services for their customers, that's fine. Charge them for these premium services and leave the people everyone else alone.

Comment Re:This is the Sound of (Score 1) 815

Not yet. What hw and environment information is normally requested for cases like this? I'm guessing this also needs to go to fedora's bug tracker so it can be determined whether or not something that the distro maintainer can handle or if it needs to get passed further up the food chain.

Comment Re:This is the Sound of (Score 1) 815

For me, the sound seems to be 'sped up'. I can listen to a video or a music file on a different machine and it sounds fine. On the pulseaudio machine, it's about 1/4 of the way between 'normal' and 'Alvin and the Chimpmunks' mode. Prior to that, it would lag and hang up watching videos (youtube, vlc, etc).

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