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Comment I want to see... (Score 2, Insightful) 2

what's in there. It will be facinating to learn what technology was known/available/used during that timeframe. It will also be interesting to see what the carbon-14 dating of the bones/wood show for dates, just to see if the dates follow what we expect them to be. Someone please post a follow-up story, when more info is released. Thanks, Roger

Comment Probably illegally sold (Score 5, Interesting) 369

The drives were probably illegally sold. DoD requires the destruction of classified drives, and contractors are supposed to follow the same rules. If the drive(s) in question held classified data (which they apparently did), they should have been wiped, then physically destroyed. Sounds like someone bypassed the last step, and tried to make a little profit on the side, by selling the "destroyed" drive.

Disclaimer: I work for a contractor on a US Government contract, working with classified data. (at the five-sided building)

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